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Bizenjo Advises Prime Minister Sharif Not To Resign

by on July 17, 2017

Bizenjo Advises Prime Minister Sharif Not To Resign

US Secretary of State Mitsil Hasil Bizenjo argued that a conspiracy against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif emerged. He urged the prime minister not to resign from the Sunday press conference and instead urged the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to challenge the report submitted to the Supreme Court in a Panama document suit. The NPT chairman said that Pakistan can not afford any internal turmoil as the country goes through important steps. When Articles 62 and 63 are applied, all politicians, generals, bureaucrats, and judges say that they should go home.

Bizenjo said, "We all respect the judiciary and what the court will decide on the JIT report will be acceptable to all of us. He added, however, that Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution would put not only politicians, but all politicians, as well as generals, bureaucrats, and judges out of office. When asked about Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Casting Ben said, "The minister is a strict person," but added that he can never part with Sharif.

On another question, NP Prime Minister and his family members were found to have appeared in good faith at JIT, but the way in which the investigation was conducted was hurt by bad intentions. Sharif confessed that politics, religion, and nationalist parties are all leaders of the largest political parties in politics.

The outcome of an international conspiracy that Senator John McCain says is changing his policies and attitudes toward Pakistan is the situation in this country. The conditions of Afghanistan and the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia are in front of all of us, and our relationship with neighboring countries in Pakistan is not so good." The attempt to create political instability in this situation is not a good sign for the state, Asked Sharif if he did not know early on that he owned an apartment abroad and was a wealthy man.

He said that the case of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is significantly different from that of former Prime Minister Sharif. Sharif has accepted all of the court's rulings, but Gilani did not accept the court's decision, which is why he declared that he was not qualified to serve as prime minister.

The minister said he treated Sharif and his family as if they were criminals.

Husain Nawaz was interrogated for 24 hours. He said that the current highway area is under development project of Rs. 1.5 billion and Rs 35 billion project is being carried out in the electric power sector. "I challenge any of the JIT projects to show an aversion to corruption."

He said politicians were forced into martial law five times over protesting corruption. Without revealing anyone's name, he appealed to anti-democratic forces not to fight against the fate of the state. Bizenjo said there is an effort to reverse the 18th amendment but "no one can do that."

He said Sharif would not support Sharif for democracy because of his interest in the government. "We do not want to see the democratic process deviate from America."

Chinese American Given 10 Years

by on July 17, 2017

Chinese American given 10 years jail for espionage in Iran

A Chinese American accused of "infiltration" in Iran was sentenced to 10 years in prison, local media reported on Sunday.

The man was identified as Xiyue Wang, a 37-year-old researcher at Princeeton University, according to the official news agency of the Justice Department, Mizanonline.

The king, who was born in Beijing, was arrested on August 8, 2016, to leave China.

Mizanonline said it is part of an "infiltration project" to bring "highly confidential documents" to several US and British institutions, including Princeton, the US State Department, the Harvard Kennedy School, and the Persian Institute of England.

"Before his arrest, Mizanonline said he could keep a 4,500-page national document under his own watchful eye," Mizanonline said.

Confidential documents are known to have been obtained from "Research and Culture Archives" and "Libraries of some national institutions".

In an excerpt from an annual report from the Persian Institute of the United Kingdom, Mizanonline thanked Wang for helping librarians make contact with Iranian scholars.

The report claimed this as "evidence." The king publicly attempted to work with scholars openly to access the official archives of Tehran and Mashhad.

Assistant Secretary Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejeie announced the sentencing of US citizens without granting his name or second nationality.

Ton Up Raj Drives India Into Women’s World Cup Semis

by on July 17, 2017

Ton Up Raj Drives India Into Women’s World Cup Semis

Ton Up Raj Drives India Into Women’s World Cup Indian captain Mithali Raj confirmed his advance to the quarter-finals of the ICC Women's World Cup with 186 victories against New Zealand at Derby on Saturday. Raj scored 109 points in 265-7 of India, 45 points for Veda Krishnamurthy and 60 points for Harmanpreet Kaur. With one left-handed palette, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, who left fifteen minutes in the first game of the tournament, New Zealand, one of the favorites before the tournament, fell to 79 teams with the lowest scores in the Women's World Cup.

It was a virtual quarter-final between the two teams ahead of the game against England, who already had the Australian and South African champions in the semi-finals ahead of Saturday's final game. I am very happy," Raj said. "The first goal was to advance to the semi-finals, as both of us will be at the World Cup final. I have always dreamed of running for my country - hunger never dies."

Resigned New Zealand captain Suzie Bates said: "We were not anywhere near as good as we needed it - that's how it was in pressure games in this tournament - we did not show up when we needed it. .

"We expect a lot of reviews for our team because we're looking forward to the semi-final," Bates added. The White Ferns have not been ranked fourth for the first time since the 1973 competition began. India won the semi - final second leg against Derby on Thursday and Britain was South Africa on Tuesday.

The last is Sunday, July 23rd, Lord.

England have been surprisingly defeated in the opening match against India. After defeating the West Indies in Bristol, he took first place in the overall group rankings. England captain Heather Knight scored 67 out of a total of 220-7. The West Indies system was held at 128-9 at 50 over, which was more than enough. Having lost just three points to arch-rivals England, Australia left South Africa and ran 59 times in tonnage, taking second place in a row.

Pakistan end with seven straight wins. Without injured bosses and a Metz leining star player, Australia has a good chance of winning the contract with Nicole Bolton (79), Elise Ferry (55), Bethmuney (53) Laura Wolvaardt has scored 71 RBIs in South Africa, but Proteas has disbanded to 210, Australian Rachael Haynes cleared 2-12, Perry and Jess Jonassen cleared two.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka won their first title in the first game after defeating Pakistan, who lost 7 straight wins to 15 points in the race.

Short score of other matches:
Bristol: England hit 92 in the West Indies.

England 220-7 in 50 over (H.C. Knight 67, T. Beaumont 42, L.A. Marsh 31 none, J.L. Gunn 24 none, A.S.S. Fletcher 3-33); Over 50 in West Indiana 128-9 (H.K. Matthews 29, C.N. Nation 23, N.R. Sciver 3-3).

In Derby: India overtook New Zealand with 186 points.

INDIA 265-750 over (M. Raj 109, V. Krishnamurthy 70, H. Kaur 60, L. M. Kasperek 3-45, H. M. Rowe 2-30); New Zealand 79. 25.3 Over (A.E. Satterthwaite 26; R. Gayakwad 5-15, D. B. Sharma 2-26).

Taunton: Australia scored 59 points in South Africa.

Australia 269 48.3 Over (N. E. Bolton 79, E. A. Perry 55, B.L. Mooney 53, A. J. Blackwell 33, S. Luus 5-67, M. Kapp 2-26, D. van Niekerk 2-41); (L. Wolvaardt 71, T. Chetty 37, S. Ismail 26, M. du Preez 20, R.L. Haynes 2-12, J.L. Jonassen 2-40, E. A. Perry 2-47).

Final League standings
(Play, circle, lost, no result, point, net run rate)
England 7 6 1 0 12 +1.29

Australia 7 6 1 0 12 +1.00

India 7 5 2 0 10 +0.66

South Africa 7 4 2 1 9 +1.18

New Zealand 7 3 3 1 7 +0.30

West Indies 7 2 5 0 4 -1.52

Sri Lanka 7 1 6 0 2 -1.09

Pakistan 7 0 7 0 0 -1.93

Sri Lanka:
M.D.N. Hanshika Diana 1

G.W.H.M. Ferrera c Sidra b Diana 13

A.C. Jayangani c Sana b Kainat 27

H.A.S.D. Siriwardene c Asmavia b Sadia 17

D. Manodara c Sidra b Diana 84

afternoon. Weerakkody c Iram b Sana 5

L.E. Kaushalya c Sana b Asmavia 28

K.A.D.A. Kanchanar was not 21 years old.

S.S. Weerakkody did not come out. 4

Extra (B-2, LB-5, W-14) 21

TOTAL (7 weeks, 50 weeks) 221

Fall of WKTS: 1-4, 2-18, 3-64, 4-82, 5-98, 6-174, 7-207.

BAT NOT BAT: I. Ranaweera, H.H.C. You're Latin.

Bouling: Asmavia Iqbal 9-0-54-1 (4w); Diana Baig 10-1-41-3 (5w); You, Mir 10-1-36-1 (1w); Kainat Imtiaz 10-0-46-1 (3w); Sadia Yousuf 10-1-32-1 (1 w); Javier Khan 1-0-5-0.

Ayesha Zafar c Jayangani b Gunaratne 8

Gaharatne 10

Run Javeria Khan 24

Nine Abidi, 57 losses

Lama Javed c Kancha b Jayangani 15

Sana Mir lbw b Gunaratne 14

Kanatine Ithias C. P. W'kody b Kanchana 11

Asmabia Iqbal 38 out

Cydranaws c and b Guradar 5

Diana Baig c Jayangani b Kanchana 12

Sadia Yousuf b Ranaweera 0

Mutual Funds Not Brokers, Dictate The Bourse Now

by on July 17, 2017
On Tuesday, the KSE-100 index fell to a single-day low at 2,153 points. Investors were scared by the initiative of mutual funds and sold $ 11.6 million in stock. On May 12, the stock market moved up by 1,052 points and recovered about half of the lost value the day before, as the pendulum shook up about the case of the Panamanian newspaper. Mutual funds have absorbed all of their sales with net buying worth $ 15.3 million, although all domestic and international participants, including banks and corporate and insurance companies, have broadened their sales. But in a widespread competitive environment, every fund manager's goal is to work and sell for a cartel, because it is the effort and advantage to others.

This move has led mutual funds to decide the direction of the market. For decades, powerful brokers have been able to turn the tide according to their vested interests, causing a market collision, resulting in savings for small investors. One major broker, who expressed regret that the "exclusive deal" brokered into his account was only 15 feet a day, admitted "yes." "A few years ago, it was as high as 70pc. Until the regulator introduces "unreleased transactions", small investors will see a trading board and follow a big broker. Such a herd 's way of thinking was a huge loss when a large broker who "bought it in his name and sold it secretly through other brokers" put the entire group in trouble.

The nonprofit of the Exchanges, which began in the days of the SEC chairman Khalid Mirza, took more than a decade to lose power from the broker, but at last regulators were able to separate the ownership of the stock exchange from the executive. Nasim Beg, vice president of MCB-Arif Habib Savings, commented, "Stock brokers have had leverage transactions, but in the past they could have affected the market, but nothing more.

He observed that small investors took speculative positions on borrowed money and were hurt whenever stocks began to fall. In January, PSX officially signed $ 8.89 billion in sales and purchase contracts to sell 40% of its strategic stocks with the Chinese consortium. As a result of this move, the board of the three integrated securities exchanges in Pakistan has been deployed under the majority of supervision in China to strengthen the governance structure by reducing conflicts of interest of local securities brokers.

Stock brokers hold 40% of the shares as 20% of PSX shares are offered to local investors in the new offering.

The extensive ownership of the PSX that regulators want will reduce the risk of SCR (scrip) cornering and help find the price of the stock. If stock brokers lose the power to determine market trends, the gap is filled by the mutual fund industry.

According to the statistics released by the Mutual Fund Association of Pakistan (MUFAP), the mutual fund industry's total asset management (AUM) has surged to Rs. 625 billion in 219 funds with remarkable growth over the last 15 years.

Equity funds outperformed other funds by size and growth. At the end of May, the equity-type fund reached Rs.201bn, while the Sharia compliance fund reached Rs108bn, or $ 309bn or 49% of the total AUM of the industrial fund.

During the 11 months to May, equity-type funds and Sharia-compliant funds increased by 41pc and 35pc, which led to growth in most other categories of funds.

Equity mutual funds made 41% of revenue during this period and outperformed the KSE-100 index by 34%.

The equity-type funds have continued to sell PSX since March 2016 and invested $ 572 million during the 11 months of FY17. This was the second largest investment after an insurance company that bought $ 140 million in stock.

In May, the last month of this year's rally, mutual funds bought $ 47m worth of shares. All of these helped to absorb massive selling of other local and institutional market participants and a huge amount of foreign portfolio outflows of $ 631 million.

The fund manager inferred from the low-interest scenario that the company switched from income and money-market funds to equity funds, which complemented a massive new investment in the industry.

Some skeptics suggest that securities brokers still control the market through mutual funds. Others, however, claim that a small number of funds are owned by two large brokers, some of which are marginal in size, and therefore do not appear to be true.

Nature Of US Engagement In Afghanistan Likely

by on July 17, 2017

Nature of US engagement in Afghanistan likely to be changed

US Defense Secretary James Mathis confirmed that the Trump Administration's new Afghanistan strategy would have a regional context, including Pakistan.

In a news briefing, Mattis noted that the new strategy could change the nature of US military intervention in Afghanistan.

This is the first time that the US Cabinet has included Pakistan in this report, despite media reports suggesting that the Trump Administration is pursuing a strategy to reestablish relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Investigation: Anxiety in Pakistan

Asked about Pakistan's new strategy, he said, "I can say that the strategy packs everything in a local context." He added that the media 's conjecture about the Trump Administration' s new strategy of "adding 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan may prove to be right" will probably "change some of what the military is doing now".

According to press reports, the review is in the final stages and the administration could share it with the US Congress at the end of the month and then make it public.

Mathis also said Senator John McCain, who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee, plays a key role in formulating a new US policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"Senator McCain is probably leading efforts to provide Hill with what we need to do to serve as chair of the disarmament committee," he said.

Senator McCain urged Pakistan to confront the Afghan Taliban or face the consequences when they visited the Pak-Afghan area earlier this month.

In a news briefing on July 4 in Kabul, he said, "We made clear that Pakistan is looking forward to working with us, especially against the Hakati network and terrorist organizations." "If they do not change their behavior, we will have to change their behavior toward Pakistan," he said.

Since then Congress has taken some steps to cut off suspected links to Haqqani network for US civilian and military support to Pakistan. Some of them have also asked the Pakistani government to release Dr Shakil Afridi, which prevented militants from using the soil to attack neighboring countries and helped the CIA track Osama bin Laden from a compound of Avotabad. .

Mattis said the new strategy would coordinate everything to formulate a strong US response to Afghanistan's militant activities.

Donald Trump National Security and Security Advisor H.R. Mas M. Rex McMaster leads a team that sets up a new policy, and member states are considered to have discussed this issue with Pakistan and Afghan officials.

"Strategy and, you know, what are the main efforts ... and what is the support effort, and in your endeavor, you often find the most subtle difference and, as a result, you have to deal with interagency issues," Mattis said. Explaining the cause of the delay.

He also acknowledged recent media reports that Mr. Trump is seeking the possibility of replacing US troops in Afghanistan with civilian military contractors.

Telegram Blocks Terror Content After Indonesia

by on July 17, 2017

Telegram blocks terror content after Indonesia threatens ban

Telegram, an encrypted messaging app, can be used to form a team of mediators familiar with Indonesian culture and language to speed up the removal of Indonesian terrorist content, the Indonesian daily co-founder said. .

Pavel Durov, who founded the app in 2013 by his sister Nikolai, told the 40,000 followers of the Telegram that the Indonesian government was not able to respond quickly to requests to block multiple chat channels. I told the application that I did not know the fact, but now I have rectified the situation.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said it is preparing to shut down the Indonesian telegram, which has millions of users, unless it has developed procedures to block illegal content.

As a partial measure, we asked Internet companies in the world's most populous Muslim countries to block access to 11 addresses that provide Web-version telegrams.

Samuel Pangerapan, secretary general of the Ministry of Information Science and Technology, said that the Indonesian army is used as a militant group to recruit troops and to spread the methods and dislike of carrying out attacks such as bomb making.

Suspected militants arrested by Indonesian police have recently communicated with each other through telegraphs and have ordered and ordered to carry out attacks, including the armed Islamic state (IS) group in Indonesia and Bahrun Naim in Indonesia Said. In the past 18 months, I've coordinated several attacks.

Durov said Telegram blocked the channel reported by the Indonesian government at present. "We are a mediator with knowledge of Indonesian culture and language, and we have a dedicated team to handle reports of terrorist content more quickly and accurately," he said.

Indonesia's communications and information technology minister, Rudiantara, said he received an apology from Durov, who had not been clear about several requests since 2016.

"Thanks to Pavel Durov for his response, the ministry will follow the technical details as soon as possible so that standard work procedures can be implemented immediately," said Rudi Anta.

The Indonesian action on the telegram came as the IS-linked militants stepped up efforts to combat radicalism following the capture of Maraji city in southern Philippines.

Nearly two months after the initial attack, the Philippine army is still fighting to take control of the entire city. Experts fear that the United Nations forces will reclaim the IS 's territory in Syria and Iraq, and that the southern Philippines could become a new base for IS, including Indonesia and Malaysian militants returning from the Middle East.

But the government's move has sparked public protests in Indonesia's Twitter and Facebook, which have exploded in negative opinions and reported that some people do not have access to the domain. Indonesians are the world's largest social media users.

The free messaging service is a smartphone app that you can use on your computer via the web interface or desktop messenger. Strong encryption has been popular with people interested in privacy and secure communications in the digital age, but it has attracted armed groups and other criminal elements.

Durov said Telegram has blocked thousands of IS-related channels a month and is "open to ideas that can always do better.

Macron Chides Netanyahu Over Settlements

by on July 17, 2017

Macron chides Netanyahu over settlements, urges fresh Middle East talks

French President Emmanuel Ma'Connon called for a new Middle East peace talks in opposition to Israeli settlement expansion in Palestinian occupied territories during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Venezuela Netanyahu.

He emphasizes that international law should be "respect for everyone" and thinks that Israel will continue to build in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel and the Palestinians should be able to live side by side with Jerusalem as a capital and on recognized borders, "McLean said after his first official meeting with Netanyahu.

"I want everything to be done for the future," he said.

The talks between Israel and the Palestinians are stalled since the failure of US arbitration in the spring of 2014.

Macron, who was elected last May, seems to have followed the aggressive path of his socialist Francois Hollande. François Hollande's efforts to mobilize the international community in peace have upset Israel.

French leaders met with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday. He supported two solutions and opposed the Israeli settlements.

"France has always criticized the construction of settlements that are illegal under international law and have reached an unprecedented level since the beginning of the year," he said in his first public statement on the dispute.

Despite the UN resolution calling for a ceasefire with the Jewish outpost in June, the United Nations has announced that Israel has significantly increased its settlements in the past three months.

Earlier, Meikon and Netanyahahu emphasized the long-standing friendship of the two nations, commemorating the 1942 Jews in 1942 as the 75th anniversary of the notorious 1942 Jews to be sent to the Nazi execution center.

Netanyahu was the first Israeli prime minister to attend the Vel d 'Hiv celebration and said the invitation was "a very strong gesture".

Macron called Netanyahu "Dear Bibi" and called the "antipartist" a new form of anti-Semitism.

The existence of Netanyahu at this event was fired by several groups, especially the French Jews for peace, who accused the Israeli government of "taking away the memories of the Nazism victims who make Israel believe they represent Jews worldwide."

The 'Vigilance' for Iran
In a later meeting, Megan maintained "vigilance" over Netaghua 's 2015 nuclear agreement reached by Israel' s hostile Iranian and Western powers.

Netanyahu has shown a tendency for negotiations to ease sanctions against Iran in exchange for measures to curb nuclear programs with Iran.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said that he should "signal the lack of pride in Iran."

After his inauguration, Mahonon praised the balanced and decisive handling of meetings with world leaders such as US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kidnappings, Jailbreak Hit Philippine Island

by on July 17, 2017

Abu Sayyaf 's shootings have kidnapped four workers at a school in the southern Philippines, and Mr. Drood has visited the army that attacked the militants, officials said Sunday.

Shortly after midnight Saturday, about 20 militants from the Patul town of Sulu entered the university and arrested six painters and carpenters. One of them escaped and warned the police. The army later rescued other workers.

Duterte put medals on wounded armies during a late Saturday visit to Sulu, a Muslim area about 950 kilometers south of Manila.

The hard-spoken president has ordered government authorities to destroy the ransom-seeking fighters who still have about 25 foreigners and a Filipino hostage in the Sulu jungle.

Meanwhile, fourteen detainees, including Abu Sayyaf fighters and drug dealers, escaped early Sunday in a prison in a new building with police headquarters in a government building in Sulu 's main city, Zolo.

Three of the escaped were shot by the police and others were shot and arrested. The military says police are using the unmanned aircraft and sniffer dogs to help the police track the rest, police said.

The new kidnapping and escaping reflects the diverse security challenges facing the southern part of the Dotete administration in the south, where thousands of troops are fighting individually with armed forces to confront a group of armed Islamic nations surrounded by Mara on May 23.

After almost two months of fighting, violence killed more than 530 people, including 405 militants and 95 soldiers and police.

Following the launch of the air missile, the army is fighting about 60 to 70 remaining militants. They hold an unspecified number of hostages in the four Malawi communities. He said the attack would not stop until the last militant was killed.

But Duterte said he was likely to extend the martial law imposed in the south, since Marawi's situation is still important.

Almost 400,000 people, including 200,000 people in Malawi, were overthrown in this crisis, and many wanted to return home amid dense refuge.

But Duterte spokeswoman Ernesto Abella said Marawi was particularly at risk for children and women.

"There is no guarantee that an area outside the main battle area is reported to have lost a gunshot victim and is already safe to live and reside in," Abella said. "There are still booby traps, unexploded ordnance and other explosives left by the IEDs' entire city and terrorists, and these risks and risks are still high.

Defiant Erdogan Attacks EU, Favours Restoration

by on July 17, 2017

Defiant Erdogan attacks EU, favours restoration of death penalty

President Tayyip Erdogan protested the attack on the European Union and insisted that Turkey should act on its own and withdraw the death penalty if Congress passes it.

Prime Minister Erdogan accused Brussels of proposing Turkey for decades to participate in the briefing at a ceremony marking the 250th anniversary of the failed coup last year.

Early hours Sunday's speech featured a marathon run by Erdogan in Istanbul and Istanbul to celebrate last year's defeat of the coup d'etat.

"The position of the European Union is still troubling us 54 years later," he said. He said that Brussels did not promise everything in the visa negotiations, "We will organize things for ourselves, there are no other options."

The relationship with the West was strained when the European government alarmed at the scale of the repression that followed the coup. About 150,000 people have been fired or suspended from their jobs and more than 50,000 people have been detained for alleged links to Fethullah Gulen, who is responsible for the Fukushy attempted by Ankara.

Erdogan said he would approve the death sentence "without hesitation" if Congress votes to show Turkey's move to effectively end its EU accession.

Erdogan, the most famous and fragmented politician in Turkish history in recent years, sees himself as a devout millions of liberators who have been deprived of the rights and welfare of secular elites for decades.

It is possible that the military intervention of Turkish politics over decades may have ended with the defeat of the coup. However, the division between the Western Turks and the Erdogan supporters, who are seeking closer ties with the European Union, is intensifying.

The editor is detained in a coup pillar.
Critics have criticized the use of emergency situations aimed at opposition parties, including human rights activists, politicians and journalists since the Uruguayan coup.

More than a dozen Kurdish Democrats (HDPs), including two co-leaders, are imprisoned, as are local members of the International Amnesty International human rights group.

The New York-based Committee to Journalists has set Turkey as the world's largest journalist prison. Leftist, Kurdish and opposition media were also closed.

On Saturday, authorities arrested Yeliz Koray, editor of the local newspaper Kocaeli Koz, in a column condemning the aftermath of the failed coup, her newspaper said.

"A certain group has been tormented by this work and made it a target, and they wanted to train Koray for her writing, which is part of the freedom of expression," the newspaper said on Sunday.

In a column titled "I'll Eat Your Epic," Korei criticized the government for giving an exaggerated warning of the July 15th incident last year and finding that the government had important implications in major battles during World War I and Turkish history. did.

She said the government was not enough to uncover what happened when malicious soldiers controlled tanks and airplanes in an attempt to overthrow Erdogan.

In line with the anniversary, the Turkish media have escaped from the coup attempt and have been saturated by reporters. Last year, it shows a fairly consistent image from young men, armed soldiers and mothers with headdresses against tanks.

On Saturday, the cell phone network played a 13-second pre-recorded message from Erdogan before connecting the call. In this message he respected the "martyrs" who died in the coup attempt and the "veteran" who took them to the streets.

'Get rid of your hair'
European Union chief Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU is committed to dialogue with Turkey and asked Ankara to strengthen its democracy and rule of law. He also warned not to withdraw the death penalty.

"Europe's hands are continuing to expand in a year after the coup attempt," he wrote in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper in Germany.

"If Turkey is sentenced to death, the Turkish government will finally close the door of the EU member states," he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan addressed hundreds of thousands of people in Istanbul on Saturday evening and threatened violent punishment for Turkish enemies. This includes Gulen's network term, FETO, and the illegal Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

"We know who is behind FETO, the PKK and all that," he said. "We can not defeat the queen, the king, or the Sheikh without defeating the pawn, the knight, or the castle." First, we will remove our heads from these rebels. "

He also argued that Gulen's network members should wear the same garments as those worn by prisoners at Guantanamo camps. At a hearing in a T-shirt with a camp named "Hero"

Sikandar Gives Zimbabwe Edge In Sri Lanka Test

by on July 17, 2017

Sikandar Raza did not try to help Zimbabwe recover from the collapse of the peak and help Sri Lanka go through the one-off test on Sunday to lead the second inning to 262.

Visitors saw Sikandar and Malcolm Waller (57) show their undefeated 107 points at Colombo's R. Premadasa Stadium on the 7th wicket and scored 252 points when they scored six out of the third place Stump.

Sikandar, Sri Lanka's left-handed striker Rangana Herath hit Zimbabwe 23-4 with four fast wickets and lifted Zimbabwe 59-5.

When Zimbabwe wins by 10 points, Heratus, who has three wickets before lunch, played 22 matches with Sean Williams in the second leg.

Sikandar turned the table in Sri Lanka together with Peter Moor (age 40), 86 times, at the sixth wicket. Moore fell to the guards Lahiru Kumara.

Sikandar, a Pakistani native, knew very well that another partner in Waller was conducting a Sri Lankan bowling attack, so he used the sweep shot, which was the fifth test 50, very effectively on the spinner.

Former captain Graeme Cremer helped Zimbabwe catch the five maids in the exam and catch the lead.

Herath's left arm spin, however, undid the leg-spinner Cremer (5-125).

The 30th test in the first inning. Herat confirmed the move to the 5th. It was a riot at the start of Jimab 's second essay to win Hamilton Masakaja, Taris Saimusakanda, and Regis Chacaba' s ticket gate.

Offspinner Dilruwan Perera joined forces to gain a valuable wicket for the first inning of fifth starter Craig Ervine as he was having lunch.

While Sri Lanka is being imprisoned by the new Inspector General, Dinesh Chandimal, in a daily series of shocks with Zimbabwe, visitors close their eyes to the first triumph of the islanders.

ZIMBABWE (1st Innings) 356 (C.R. Ervine 160, H.M.R. K. B. Herath 5-116).

Sri Lanka (1st Innings, overnight 293-7):
D. Karunaratne c Masakadza b Tiripano 25

W.U. Tarangga lack 71

B.K.G. Mendis c Car Caba b Crummer 11

D. Chandimal c Chakabva b Cremer 55

A. Mathews c Masakadza b Williams 41

N. Dickwella b Cremer 6

M.K.D. Perera knocked all 33 down.

D.A.S. Gunalat B Cramer 45

R. Herath st Chakabva b Williams 22

R.A.S. Lakmal c and b Cremer 14

C.B.R.L.S. Kumara does not go out 1

EXTRAS (B-8, LB-10, W-1, NB-3) 22

TOTAL (total out, 102.3 over) 346

Paul of WKTS: 1-84, 2-107, 3-116, 4-212, 5-226, 6-238, 7-274, 8-322, 9-343.

Bowling: Mpofu 11-2-41-0 (1w); Tiripano 10-1-38-1; Razor Raza 18-2-60-0; Cremer 39.3-4-125-5 (1nb); Waller 1-0-2-0; Williams 23-3-62-2 (2nB).

Zimbabwe (second inning):
H. Masakadza lbw b Herath 7

R. W. Chakabva b Herath 6

T. Musakandakarunaratna Herath 0

C.R. Ervine c Karunaratne b Perera 5

S.C. Williams b Herath 22

Sikandar Raza 97 did not come out.

P.J. Moore c sub b Kumara 40

M.N. Waller does not go out 57

EXTRAS (B-4, LB-7, W-6, NB-1) 18

TOTAL (6 weeks, 68 weeks) 252

Fall of WKTS: 1-14, 2-16, 3-17, 4-23, 5-59, 6-145.

Bowling (latest): Lakmal 9-0-28-0; Herat 23-2-85-4; Perera 21-1-69-1; Kumara 11-3-43-1 (1nB, 2w); Mendis 4-0-16-0.

South Africa Leave England With Record

by on July 17, 2017

South Africa leave England with record total to chase

England will have to beat the world record 474 to win the second qualifying round and South Africa will have to be released for two days after providing the strongest platform for Sunday's third victory.

After declaring at 343-9, just before the final, South Africa, which Alastair Cook thought had the first ball, showed better results.

England finished a huge mission in South Africa's worn pitch as South Africa scored 472 points ahead of 1-0 to advance victory in the 4-1 series at Trent Bridge.

The test team did not have a team with 418 points, and Trent Bridge's record is gentler than the 284-7 point that the United Kingdom cut down to win New Zealand in 2004.

When South Africa returned to 75-1, Britain had to pick up the wicket early on and when Hashim Amla failed to appeal to Stuart Broad's heart, he could flee to 91-1 I realized that I could avoid the basic mistakes. TV replay later dominated the goalkeeper.

Inevitably, Amla paid for England, and he seemed almost unafraid to be in a difficult situation before falling over to Liam Dawson for a review.

The bearded right - handed pitcher made a firm partnership with Dean Eger after earning an early start to Jimmy Anderson and Papp DuPlaceis.

Ben Stokes opened the ticket gate for both partners. Elgar threw the ball without lifting the ball. The captain of South Africa was carefully kept low with 63 RBIs. High energy by dismissal Durham was the strongest player in the UK. Pitcher.

This was the first real captain test against Joe Root in England. In the second test of South Africa, I tried to avoid my first defeat as a captain.

Surprisingly, Root decided not to return to Moeen Ali, who had taken ten wickets by 3 pm. The decision ultimately became more confusing as a result of the British offspin, 4-78. 1956.

Even with the new ball, Vernon Philander (42) and Chris Morris could not identify the tourists as the sun came out of the final session.

Morris had a good catch against Gary Ballance's 13-year-old Moeen, while Broad finished at age 13. South Africa uses Keshav Maharaj as one-on-one and declares the evening.

When it came, their bowlers showed England how rough the next two days would be.

The record of the heyday was held by the West Indies and won 418-7 points to defeat Australia in 2003.

SOUTH AFRICA (first inning) 335 (H. Amla 78, Q. de Kock 68, V. Philander 54, J. Anderson 5-72, S, Broad 3-64).

England (first inning) 205 (J Root 78, Maharaj 3-21, Morris 3-38).

South Africa (second inning, overnight: 75-1):
H. Kuhn c Root b Anderson 8

Elgar C. Anderson B Stokes 80

H. Amla lbw b Dawson 87

Q. Andrew 1

F. Du Plessis lbw Stokes 63

T. Bavuma c Root b Ali 15

V. Philander c and b Ali 42

C. Morris c Ballance b Ali 13

K. Maharaj c Broad B Ali 1

M. Morkel was not 17 years old.

Extra (B-8, LB-8) 16

Total (9 class, 104 class) 343

BAT: D Olivier.

Fall of WKTS: 1-18, 2-153, 3-154, 4-216, 5-253, 6-275, 7-304, 8-307, 9-343.

Bowling: Anderson 20-4-45-2; Wide area 19-4-60-0; Wood 18-5-68-0; Ali 16-2-78-4; Stokes 20-4-34-2; Dawson 11-1-42-1.

England (2 innings):
A. Do not cook out 0

K. Jennings is not zero.

Extra (LB-1) 1

Total (wkt none, over 4) 1

BAT: G. Ballance, J. Root, J. Bairstow, B. Stokes, M. Ali, L. Dawson, S. Broad, M. Wood, J. Anderson.

BOWLING: Morkel 2-2-0-0; Philadelphia 2-2-0-0.

Federer Wins Record Eighth Wimbledon

by on July 17, 2017

Federer wins record eighth Wimbledon as Cilic crumbles

Roger Federer is waiting for eight games at Wimbledon.

He is once again the champion of the Grand Slam tournament on the grass court and is more often than any other man in history held in 1877.

Federer was the eighth winner of the All England club in five years due to his seventh injury. Marin Cilic, who was injured in the first half, had a coronation ceremony on Sunday, 6-3.

However, he will remember the move of Cilic, who lost 3-0 in the second set in the eleventh Wimbledon final of the Swiss superstar and the 29th major league match, and will be popular with tears.

London - Roger Federer (Switzerland) will keep Croatia away from Marin Cilic.
The seventh Croatian, 2014 American Open champion, sobbed his head inconsolably and sprinkled his head in his towel dreaming.

He recorded his left foot after the second set, but Federer became the first player to win Wimbledon since Bjorn Borg in 1976.

"He is a hero.

The Swiss Maestro was challenged at first but after the tense Cilic in the opening match fifth game the contest was not controversial.

Federer followed Arthur Ashe, who won the 1976 Professional Age Championship at Wimbledon on the 4th, 23 days before his 36th birthday.

Federer won the Australian Open in six months at the end of the year and waited 18 times for the Grand Slam in five years. Many thoughts were ambiguous.

Now he can add more than 19 years old.

Federer joked Troy boys Leo and Lennart with their little Myla Rose and Charlene Riva when they beat Andy Murray in the finals of 2012. My father kissed my trophy for the first time in 2003.

"Do not drop the set, I have magic, I can not believe it, I do it too much, I believe I can make such a complaint, I am not sure if I will be here in the other finals. I'll be able to. "

Cilic, who spent four and a half hours more than Federer in the final, said he could not retire from injury.

"I always did my best without giving up the game and I did everything I could," said Cilic, still emotional in the trophy presentation.

"I have made a tremendous journey here, and I want to thank the team for playing the best tennis in my life.

In the star-studded Royal Box, where William William and his wife Kate rubbed shoulders with Hugh Grant and Bradley Cooper, Silic made his first break in the fourth game, Points.

It was saved by Federer and it was a faint light of Cilic.

Federer was struck in the next game. Ultimately, he weakened his challenge by knocking very hard on the frayed surface of the opponent.

Federer offered two love services, but he beat Cilic's double deficit 6-3 in Croatia's second leg final.

The Swiss superstar swept a 3-0 lead in the second set. And in the turnaround, Cilic ran into tears and clear pain in his court-side chair.

The trainer and the doctor were summoned before Cilic composed himself desperately to hide his head with a towel.

The 28-year-old has signed a new contract, but the fatal offensive continues. Federer kept the lead after losing 4-1.

Cilic dropped the 6-1 set, wrapped his left foot on a bandage, took medical care and brought painkillers.

His discomfort was reflected in his statistics.

By the end of the second set, he offered only two aces compared to the 130 who were blamed in the last six rounds.

Federer finished second in the first leg and beat the 4-3 to finish the coronation at 1:41.

Yes, he finally cried.

Federer skipped the circuit of the clay court that missed the French Open, so he did his best on his beloved grass coat. Federer was 31-2 on Sunday's 2017 game.

He has returned to the top of tennis and is engaged in sports in a way no one else can.

"It's really magical," Federer said. "I can not believe it yet."

Money Market: Bank Deposits Rise By 2.34PC

by on July 17, 2017

Other accounts for Deposits and all of the upcoming banks were $ 11.998 billion on June 30, up 2.34 percent from the previous week and up 14.5 percent from the previous year.

According to a weekly statement for every bank scheduled for the week ended June 30, deposits and other accounts at all commercial banks rose 2.38p to Rs.11,177.7 billion. However, professional bank deposits and other accounts fell 4.94% to $ 6.71 billion.

The total assets of all the scheduled banks were Rs. 1680.33 billion, up 2.05% from Rs 16.6515 trillion in Jeonju. This figure rose 14.48pc from Rs 14.67763 trillion last year.

All of the planned bank investments rose 0.67%. Compared to last year's corresponding figures, current week numbers are as high as 7.56pc.

The total assets of all commercial banks were 16.46 trillion dollars, up 2.08 pct from the previous week's 1,684.11 million shares, while total assets of professional banks were 0.25 trillion won, 0.23 pct lower than the 2.47 trillion shares of the previous week.

Total lendings of all scheduled banks were $ 6,176,310 million, up 2% from $ 6,158 billion in the previous week. Compared to last year's equivalent of $ 5,270.97 billion, this week's figure increased by 17.2%.

The performance of all commercial banks increased by 2.03%, from 8,844 billion won in the previous week to 6,588 billion won. On the other hand, the professional banks' performance in the previous week was Rs 167,747.71 million.

All scheduled bank borrowings increased during the review week. Rupees of Rs. 2,654.89 billion, up 4.81 pct from Rs2,292.99 billion last week. Compared to last year's corresponding Rs 2,222,270, this week's figure rose 19.47pc.

The borrowings of commercial banks in the province rose 4.85% from Rs.249.296 trillion in the previous week. The bank 's borrowings reached Rs 40.9 billion, compared with the previous year' s Rs 39.997 billion.

All of the planned bank investments were at Rs 8,166,143 million in Rs 8,111.78 billion, up from the previous week's figure of Rs 0.67pc. Compared to last year's equivalent of Rs 7,592,282 billion, this week's figure is as high as 7.56pc.

All commercial banks' investments rose 0.68pc to $ 8.11 trillion, compared with 0.68p17n in Jeonju. On the other hand, the investment of all professional banks reached Rs 48.52 billion, compared with Rs 49.38 billion in Jeonju.

All scheduled bank cash and balances with the Treasury Bank increased compared to last week and rose 9.2 percent to $ 1,012.86 billion compared to Rs 1,285,526 million in the previous week. The current weekly figure has risen 46.87pc from last year's Rs.765.57 billion.

Cash and balances of all commercial banks rose 9.08 percent to RMB1.1757 trillion from RMB1.24 trillion to RMB1.03 trillion. Cash and balances of all professional banks were $ 529 million, up 31.02% from Rs 404.3 billion in the previous week.

Worries Over External Account Compound

by on July 17, 2017

There has been growing concern over Pakistan's external accounts in the period when the government was in turmoil after the findings of a joint investigation on Prime Minister Sharif's involvement in money laundering were announced.

In light of the JIT findings, the IMF has released a report on the economic situation in article IV, in a politically burdensome environment where the opposition and Sharif reject the prime minister's resignation.

The IMF 's observations on the fragility of the external sector and the inadequacy of foreign exchange reserves were added to concerns about deterioration in the external sector' s soundness.

With the situation unstable, the government is seemingly hopeful.

Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves (excluding banking system foreign exchange) declined from $ 18.2 billion at the end of December 2016 to $ 16.2 billion by July 7.

At this level, foreign exchange reserves are sufficient to finance the imports of just three and a half months or "comfortable" below the IMF's point of view.

These reserves include $ 3.6 billion from SBP derivatives. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says a $ 3.6 billion forward position could put further pressure on the reserves.

The International Monetary Fund also said the vulnerability of the external sector has increased due to the current account deficit expansion and the increase in the mandatory repayment obligations related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

According to the latest data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, exports to FY17 fell 1.63% to $ 204.48 billion, imports rose 18.67% to $ 530.226 billion and trade deficit increased 36.32% to $ 32.57 billion.

Remittances fell 3pc to $ 19.3bn as Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries began to feel a pinch of economic hardship in their host countries.

Fear of analysts that after sending a tax (100 Saudi Riyals per month for nonprofit immigrant families), remittances from our country are likely to continue to decline after the cost cuts introduced in the kingdom.

Economists have long warned that the political and economic changes in the Gulf state and the reliance on too much money for remittances could be hurt because the UK and US job market is no longer favorable to foreigners as before.

According to the latest statistics, trends in remittances from these countries are declining, and if this trend continues, the fiscal deficit in FY17 has already increased from $ 4.58 billion to $ 10.641 billion in the previous year for 11 months.

During the 11 months of FY17, private portfolio investment had a negative impact of $ 410 million during this period, even though the public sector's foreign portfolio investment showed a good inflow of $ 1 billion.

In FY17, foreign direct investment of $ 2.22 billion for the first 11 months increased by 8.6% over the previous year. Analysts have not seen improvement in foreign portfolio investment flows due to political uncertainty.

FDI inflows are expected to continue to increase as CPEC-related projects progress. However, their impact can be somewhat offset by the repatriation of foreign companies and individuals working in Pakistan.

Borrowing more money from multilateral lenders is also an option, but in the politically charged election year, the political cost of such a move is too high. In addition, it would be difficult to meet loan conditions that could include painful reforms.

Already high debt and GDP ratios do not leave enough space for large tables anyway.

Issuance of sovereign treasury bonds can be a dangerous move in which international investors have more options available and can only be enticed with high yields that are not sustainable in the long run.

Foreign debt management costs have reached a very high level due to the excessive foreign debt the government and past governments have accumulated.

In the third quarter of FY17, external debt increased to $ 522.8 billion. This amounted to just over 25 percent of our total exports in fiscal year 17 and 20 percent of our foreign reserves.

The overall foreign exchange reserves, including foreign exchange transactions held by the banking system, are less than $ 22 billion, compared to an annual income of $ 53 billion.

However, as of the end of May 2017, the overall balance of payments increased by $ 177.5 billion.

In a recent report, Moody 's, one of two major global credit rating agencies over the last two years, speculated that Pakistan' s economic growth would be lower than official expectations due to the slow realization of CPEC.

The B3 country's credit rating has not changed, which means that investment in Pakistan's bonds is highly speculative.

Rupee Report: Rupee In Search Of Direction

by on July 17, 2017

The Rupee appears to have sought direction for the dollar last week due to political uncertainty in the local currency market.

The strict supervision of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) helped stabilize the rupee somewhat, but the same figures continued to appear. Rupees plunged Rs3.50 against the dollar a week ago.

Analysts believe that the artificial support for Rupee has adversely affected Pakistan's exports and that the market needs more flexibility in exchange. The call situation is confusing. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) once again clarified the position that Rupee is overvalued by 10-20% and that corrective action is necessary.

Analysts believe that artificial support for Rs has had a negative impact on Pakistan's exports.

In the interbank market, the dollar continued to trade at a slightly higher price than last week's Rs. However, the SBP was able to stabilize the Rs by rigorously monitoring and strengthening some rules on foreign exchange management to check the outflows.

On the open market, Rupee did not show any change on Monday and Tuesday, and traded on Rs106.20 and Rs106.40 on weekdays.

On Wednesday, SBP's new guidelines prompted a bullish run on Rupee.

Rupee abandoned Rupee and lost 40 paisa to the sales counter and 50 paisa to the sales counter, due to the firm demand for dollars from the general public. As a result, the dollar traded at Rs106.60 and Rs106.90.

The rupee recovered partly on Thursday. It picked up a $ 10 paisa and pushed a rather low dollar at Rs106.50 and Rs106.80 due to the low demand of the dollar.

On Friday, the rupee turned against the dollar due to demand pressure to lose 20 paisa. Thus, the dollar closed its weekly high against the rupee at Rs106.70 and Rs107.00.

During that week, the dollar recorded a 50 paisa gain on the sell window, and a 60 paisa gain on the sell window at the open market.

The rupee against the euro showed a large fluctuation last week. Starting with the note on the company note, Rupee saw his hands turn to Rs120.25 and Rs121.25 in the first trading session. Closing at Rs120.25 and Rs121.30 because there was no change in the purchase counter while posting 5paisa gain on the sales counter.

However, Rupee failed to maintain solidity overnight to trade Rs120.40 and Rs121.40 in the second trade and poured 15 paisa into both counters.

On a weekly weekly basis, the euro gained 65 pais for the Rs and a profit of 60 pais for the sell counters, trading between the highest of Rs121.25 / Rs122.25 and the lowest of Rs120.25 / Rs121 .25 during change.

IMF For Ending Inequitable Subsidy On Electricity Tariff

by on July 17, 2017
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged Pakistan to eliminate poverty by eliminating unfair subsidies to electricity rates and replacing them with direct cash transfers.

The IMF also stressed the immediate task of the Benazir Flagship Support Program (BISP) in spite of its important role in significantly reducing poverty incidence in a recent report on Pakistan, in consultation with Article IV.

Although subsidies remain an important part of Pakistan's social welfare, subsidies have been significantly reduced from about 3% of GDP in FY12 to 0.8% in FY2015-16, while electricity subsidies are 0.6% of GDP in 2015-16

Subsidies fell 1.5% of GDP due to increased electricity rates, introduction of surcharges, and the reduction of unfamiliar subsidies for commercial, industrial and mass housing consumers during the period in which oil prices fell.

The IMF said it needs continuous reforms to further reduce electricity grants to achieve better goals for the poor and to secure resources for spending on growth priorities. Because many people in the poor are unable to use electricity, they need to "completely eliminate the subsidy and strengthen the targeted cash transfer" to protect the poor.

The power consumption standard for concessional tariffs is still high, and most households claim subsidies because they consume less than 300 units a month.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) added that lowering the consumption limit for concessional electricity rates would contribute less to the depletion of the remaining electricity subsidies and lower their levels, the IMF added: "The consumption The reduction of the standard or the transfer to the target subsidized poverty must be explored. "

It said that the goal of the subsidy was strengthened while maintaining subsidies for the already selected consumer category. In particular, lifeline tariffs are levied on vulnerable consumers using up to 50 units a month.

The IMF added that the social safety net has been strengthened over the past four to five years and cash transfers to the poor under the BISP have increased about 0.3 percent of GDP, but it is necessary to strengthen spending on social safety nets. Most vulnerable.

The poverty and inequality social security network plays an important role in supporting the poor and protecting the vulnerable. However, despite the strength over time, the size of the social safety net remained low compared to the average of local and emerging markets.

The IMF talked about BISP issues such as outdated recipients' databases, potential lack of awareness, and beneficiaries without ID to receive cash remittances.

You need to strengthen the program by updating the beneficiary database, extending coverage, and strengthening training cash transfers. Expanding BISP coverage is an important factor in strengthening the program's impact and impacting poverty.

If the IMF reaches an additional 1 million poor, the poverty rate may increase by about 1.5 million people and the poverty rate by about 0.7 percent. "But further progress is constrained by a number of factors, including outdated beneficiary databases, lack of potential awareness, and beneficiaries who do not have the necessary ID to receive cash transfers."

The BISP's continued commitment to continually strengthening the setting and renewal of beneficiary databases based on planned new national surveys is important and must be continued.

Governor Has No Interest In Sindh Affairs

by on July 17, 2017

Governor has no interest in Sindh affairs, says CM Shah

Prime Minister Siddh Murad al-Sashh denounced the governor of Fairfax Mohammad as representative of the League in Sindh, but his concerns were not reflected in his attitude.

At a press conference at Naz's press conference, he left Pakistan's Teherk-i-Naspu to announce his intention to join the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) at the media cell of the PPP, the governor said. Submit your bill without signing the local council.

He said that when the new General Assembly is re-elected for consideration at the new General Assembly, it will respond to the Governor's filed objections to the State Responsible Spirit, 1999 Sindh Repeal Bill 2017.

The prime minister said local council members were given a detailed briefing when the bill was submitted to Congress.

He added that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has failed to remove the threat of corruption and that success has been nothing more than appeals.

He said that the 1999 National Accountability Ordinance, which gave birth to NAB, was introduced by General Pervez Musharraf in an emergency and was protected by the 17th amendment.

Shah said the PPP would oppose corruption and work for the elimination of the country.

The minister said the provincial government is aware of the problem and is trying to supply people with clean drinking water when asked about the improper water supply for human consumption in the new city.

Syria War Has Claimed More Than 330,000 Lives

by on July 17, 2017

Syria war has claimed more than 330,000 lives since 2011: monitor

Syria has had about 35,000 people killed in Syrian conflict since the start of the protests six years ago.

Britain's Syrian Human Rights Watch said it has documented the deaths of 331,765 people across Syria since mid-March 2011 after a dispute broke out in an anti-government protest.

During the period from March 15, 2011 to July 15, 2017, the total number of deaths included 99,617 civilians. The head of the Rami Abman Observatory said in an interview with AFP.

Astronomers said 18,243 children and 11,427 women were killed. This figure is the latest information provided by the Astronomical Observatory since March, and 320,000 people have died, including 96,000 civilians.

A total of 116,774 regime troops or supporters of the regime have died in Syria since the dispute began in the latest report, the Observatory said.

Of these, 61,808 were soldiers and 1,408 were members of the Shiite movement Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Also, since the dispute occurred, those killed in Syria are 57,000 rebels, including the Syrian Democratic Force, an Arab-Kurd ally.

Observers say more than 58,000 militants have been killed, mainly by international terrorist investigators (IS) and al Qaeda's former Syrian officials.

The dispute occurred with peaceful anti-government protests, but quickly turned into a complete war involving numerous forces in the region, region and foreign countries. In a brutal dispute, more than half of the Syrian population has destroyed the country's infrastructure and displaced millions of people.

16 Hindu Pilgrims Killed In Bus Crash n India

by on July 17, 2017

16 Hindu pilgrims killed in bus crash in India-held Kashmir

At least 16 Hindu pilgrims were killed and several injured in a bus accident in Kashmir, police said.

The bus carrying the pilgrims to the Himalayan cave was respected as the residence of Shiba. Hundreds of Hindus jumped on the annual pilgrimage to the valley.

State police said in a statement, "16 confirmed deaths, 19 injured and 8 injured."

Some of the worst casualties were transferred to the hospital, but some were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences to the dead pilgrims after the trip.

"The J & K suffered extreme suffering from the loss of the life of the pilgrims Amarnath Yatris because of the bus accident.

"My thoughts are with the family of the deceased," he said.

Another Hindu pilgrim died on Sunday when injured six days ago when an unidentified gunman set fire on a bus full of worshipers on the same sacred visit.

Police chief SP Vaid told AFP, "A woman injured in the July 10 attack was injured in the hospital.

Her death came from eight attacks on Monday, with seven women and one man murdered in late - night attacks. Most of the victims were from the West of Gujarat.

Leaders of India and separatists of the Kashmiri have been accused of blaming this latest attack. No group has yet claimed responsibility.

Authorities said the two-month pilgrimage will continue despite the bus attack, which is not part of the official convoy carrying the pilgrims.

Tens of thousands of Hindus throughout India travel to Kashmir each year to visit migrating ice formations in the Amarnath cave, which is worshiped every year as a symbol of Shiva, the god of destruction of Hinduism.

A cave that is 12,800 feet high and accessible on foot or by horse is considered a symbol of religious unity in unstable areas.

Ice formation is believed to have been discovered by Muslim shepherds who became custodians of the temple with two Hindu priests in 1850.

Nawaz Sharif Will Land In Adiala Jail After Panamagate

by on July 17, 2017

Nawaz Sharif will land in Adiala Jail after Panamagate verdict: Imran Khan

Imran Khan, president of Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will land in Adiala prison as a result of the Panialagate hearing under the Supreme Court's ruling.

The PTI leader warned Sunday that Sharif could land on a bar at a workers' convention in Islamabad. "You do not go to Jedda, but go to Adiara prison," Khan said. Khan mentioned that Nawath Sharif was exiled after the government was overthrown by General Pervez Musharraf in 1999,

Khan vowed to "celebrate the victory in Islamabad or make a distinction with the PML-N leadership," after an elite court deciding on the Panamanian case decided to resume on Monday.

He blamed PML-N for his plans to attack the SC if the results of the Panamagate case were against the Sharifs. He warned Sharif of such an attempt and said that the whole country would stand in frontal court.

Like all other institutions, PML-N destroyed parliament, Khan added. "All except the apex court and the army".

He praised the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), exposing the contradictions and lies of PML-N's leadership.

JIT said he did an outstanding job because he was under the SC.

He asked the PML-N workers to stop supporting their leaders for future generations and countries.

JUI-F wins NA-260 Seat After Tough Contest

by on July 17, 2017

JUI-F wins NA-260 seat after tough contest with BNP-Mengal

Jairoat Ulema-i-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) won the NA-260 Quetta-cum-Chagai by-election on Sunday after the difficult meeting of Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M).

According to sources from the Pakistan Election Commission, Usman Badini, JUI-F candidate, got 43,969 votes, while BNP-M candidate Sardar Bahadur Khan Mengal got 37,786 votes.

JUI-F candidates were supported by MPs (National Party) and MPA Amanullah Notezai, the coalition partners of the Balochistan government.

The by-election was held after the death of a leader of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, Abdul Rahim Mandokal (PkMAP), who was elected to the 2013 general election. However, PamMAP candidate Jamal Tarakai was hit hard on Saturday's poll and had only 20,169 votes.

PPP candidate Sardarzada Umair Muhammad Hassani earned about 15,000 votes. But the PPP leaders insisted that the elections were rigged and their victories were defeated during the election. PPP supporters held protests outside the ECP office on Sunday.

Awami National Party, BNP-Awami and Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) supported the candidates of BNP-M during the election, and PkMAP candidates were supported by Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen.

This victory increases the number of JUI-F seats in the National Assembly to seven while the number of PkMAP seats is reduced from four to three.

According to the ECP, the total number of polling stations is 407, 320 polling stations are the most sensitive, 50 polling stations are sensitive, and 37 polling stations are normal.

Army launches Operation Khyber-4 iN Rajgal

by on July 17, 2017

Army launches Operation Khyber-4 in Rajgal Valley

(DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor announced on Sunday that it would launch a Khyber-4 operation under Radd-Ul-Fasaad (Ruf) in the Rajgal Valley region of the Khyber Agency to eliminate terrorists. .

Gah said that the Khyber Agency's Rajgal valley had begun operations to destroy terrorists.

Khyber 4 targets DG ISPR, a terrorist haven known as "the most important area in the federal administrative area (Fata)".

Ghafoor responded to the question, saying there is no schedule for this work yet.

The army said the Afghan forces were informing them of the Khyber-4 operation in Rajang, and said Afghanistan could support it on the border if they wanted.

Pakistan security forces are carrying out all operations. "

A US Army spokesman said a report on joint border operations with Afghan troops was released when a US Congressional delegation visited.

"The real significance of this joint operation is when both countries are operating at the same time," Gaff said in a statement. "There are coordinated and complementary operations on both sides of the border."

If Afghan leadership wants to carry out support operations, the information will be shared with Kabul, and coordination is ongoing in this regard.

'No direct army participation in JIT'
Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said that there is no "direct military invasion" in the Panamagate case of speculation that the army intervened in the Supreme Court's Joint Investigation Team (JIT) investigating the property of the Sharif family.

DG ISPR writes, "Everyone has a free opinion. Those who believe that the army is doing its best for the country are not" part of the foreign influence "for those who believe that it is not part of a campaign to undermine the institution's reputation for social media. "He added.

"The JIT was created by the Supreme Court, two members of which belong to information services and military information, which is an example of prejudice and will go to court."

The Pakistani army, along with other agencies, will continue to play a role in Pakistan's security, adding that "the military has not been directly involved in JIT."

"Political dialogue is in the political realm."

Afghan border fencing
"We will strengthen the border and check the terrorist movement across the border, and we are in concert with Afghanistan in this regard," he said. The first step.

"We are sharing borders with Afghanistan and Iran.

He said that every 1.5 kilometers would be physically and technically monitored by fortifications and check posts, he said. In addition to border checks, Pakistan and Afghanistan will maintain an open policy for cooperation and debate on issues between the two countries, particularly to remove what Afghanistan says is a "deficit".

"If we have Afghanistan's military capabilities like the Pakistani army, the problem of terrorism will be resolved sooner."

"No one wants more peace in Afghanistan than in Pakistan," DG ISPR said. "We need to bring peace to our country first."

Daesh presence in Pakistan
Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor rejected the claim that the Daesh - or the belligerent Islamic State (IS) group - has infrastructure organized in Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, I do not think it is the same as Daesh in the Middle East. "

"In Pakistan, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar has formed an alliance with Daesh, although there is no Daesh as an organization, but the excommunication of Tehran-Taliban Pakistan and other terrorist organizations is in Daesh If you want to jump, we are already taking care of them through other means such as Khyber-4. "

LoC violation
Gafar said the situation in the line of control (LoC) is "particularly tense". This year alone, there were 580 truce.

He said that in 2016 there were 382 cases, in 2015 there were 248 cases, and in 2014 there were 315 cases.

According to DG ISPR, the number of civilian casualties was the highest in the past due to the current blackout.

Ghafar appears to have been triggered by a lofty political struggle for freedom in Kashmir, held by India, Gaza said Ghazar, especially in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, is "afraid" when India is fired across the border, Please turn.


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