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Monday, July 17, 2017

Army launches Operation Khyber-4 iN Rajgal

Army launches Operation Khyber-4 in Rajgal Valley

(DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor announced on Sunday that it would launch a Khyber-4 operation under Radd-Ul-Fasaad (Ruf) in the Rajgal Valley region of the Khyber Agency to eliminate terrorists. .

Gah said that the Khyber Agency's Rajgal valley had begun operations to destroy terrorists.

Khyber 4 targets DG ISPR, a terrorist haven known as "the most important area in the federal administrative area (Fata)".

Ghafoor responded to the question, saying there is no schedule for this work yet.

The army said the Afghan forces were informing them of the Khyber-4 operation in Rajang, and said Afghanistan could support it on the border if they wanted.

Pakistan security forces are carrying out all operations. "

A US Army spokesman said a report on joint border operations with Afghan troops was released when a US Congressional delegation visited.

"The real significance of this joint operation is when both countries are operating at the same time," Gaff said in a statement. "There are coordinated and complementary operations on both sides of the border."

If Afghan leadership wants to carry out support operations, the information will be shared with Kabul, and coordination is ongoing in this regard.

'No direct army participation in JIT'
Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said that there is no "direct military invasion" in the Panamagate case of speculation that the army intervened in the Supreme Court's Joint Investigation Team (JIT) investigating the property of the Sharif family.

DG ISPR writes, "Everyone has a free opinion. Those who believe that the army is doing its best for the country are not" part of the foreign influence "for those who believe that it is not part of a campaign to undermine the institution's reputation for social media. "He added.

"The JIT was created by the Supreme Court, two members of which belong to information services and military information, which is an example of prejudice and will go to court."

The Pakistani army, along with other agencies, will continue to play a role in Pakistan's security, adding that "the military has not been directly involved in JIT."

"Political dialogue is in the political realm."

Afghan border fencing
"We will strengthen the border and check the terrorist movement across the border, and we are in concert with Afghanistan in this regard," he said. The first step.

"We are sharing borders with Afghanistan and Iran.

He said that every 1.5 kilometers would be physically and technically monitored by fortifications and check posts, he said. In addition to border checks, Pakistan and Afghanistan will maintain an open policy for cooperation and debate on issues between the two countries, particularly to remove what Afghanistan says is a "deficit".

"If we have Afghanistan's military capabilities like the Pakistani army, the problem of terrorism will be resolved sooner."

"No one wants more peace in Afghanistan than in Pakistan," DG ISPR said. "We need to bring peace to our country first."

Daesh presence in Pakistan
Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor rejected the claim that the Daesh - or the belligerent Islamic State (IS) group - has infrastructure organized in Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, I do not think it is the same as Daesh in the Middle East. "

"In Pakistan, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar has formed an alliance with Daesh, although there is no Daesh as an organization, but the excommunication of Tehran-Taliban Pakistan and other terrorist organizations is in Daesh If you want to jump, we are already taking care of them through other means such as Khyber-4. "

LoC violation
Gafar said the situation in the line of control (LoC) is "particularly tense". This year alone, there were 580 truce.

He said that in 2016 there were 382 cases, in 2015 there were 248 cases, and in 2014 there were 315 cases.

According to DG ISPR, the number of civilian casualties was the highest in the past due to the current blackout.

Ghafar appears to have been triggered by a lofty political struggle for freedom in Kashmir, held by India, Gaza said Ghazar, especially in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, is "afraid" when India is fired across the border, Please turn.

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