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Monday, July 17, 2017

Bizenjo Advises Prime Minister Sharif Not To Resign

Bizenjo Advises Prime Minister Sharif Not To Resign

US Secretary of State Mitsil Hasil Bizenjo argued that a conspiracy against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif emerged. He urged the prime minister not to resign from the Sunday press conference and instead urged the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to challenge the report submitted to the Supreme Court in a Panama document suit. The NPT chairman said that Pakistan can not afford any internal turmoil as the country goes through important steps. When Articles 62 and 63 are applied, all politicians, generals, bureaucrats, and judges say that they should go home.

Bizenjo said, "We all respect the judiciary and what the court will decide on the JIT report will be acceptable to all of us. He added, however, that Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution would put not only politicians, but all politicians, as well as generals, bureaucrats, and judges out of office. When asked about Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Casting Ben said, "The minister is a strict person," but added that he can never part with Sharif.

On another question, NP Prime Minister and his family members were found to have appeared in good faith at JIT, but the way in which the investigation was conducted was hurt by bad intentions. Sharif confessed that politics, religion, and nationalist parties are all leaders of the largest political parties in politics.

The outcome of an international conspiracy that Senator John McCain says is changing his policies and attitudes toward Pakistan is the situation in this country. The conditions of Afghanistan and the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia are in front of all of us, and our relationship with neighboring countries in Pakistan is not so good." The attempt to create political instability in this situation is not a good sign for the state, Asked Sharif if he did not know early on that he owned an apartment abroad and was a wealthy man.

He said that the case of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is significantly different from that of former Prime Minister Sharif. Sharif has accepted all of the court's rulings, but Gilani did not accept the court's decision, which is why he declared that he was not qualified to serve as prime minister.

The minister said he treated Sharif and his family as if they were criminals.

Husain Nawaz was interrogated for 24 hours. He said that the current highway area is under development project of Rs. 1.5 billion and Rs 35 billion project is being carried out in the electric power sector. "I challenge any of the JIT projects to show an aversion to corruption."

He said politicians were forced into martial law five times over protesting corruption. Without revealing anyone's name, he appealed to anti-democratic forces not to fight against the fate of the state. Bizenjo said there is an effort to reverse the 18th amendment but "no one can do that."

He said Sharif would not support Sharif for democracy because of his interest in the government. "We do not want to see the democratic process deviate from America."

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