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Monday, July 17, 2017

Defiant Erdogan Attacks EU, Favours Restoration

Defiant Erdogan attacks EU, favours restoration of death penalty

President Tayyip Erdogan protested the attack on the European Union and insisted that Turkey should act on its own and withdraw the death penalty if Congress passes it.

Prime Minister Erdogan accused Brussels of proposing Turkey for decades to participate in the briefing at a ceremony marking the 250th anniversary of the failed coup last year.

Early hours Sunday's speech featured a marathon run by Erdogan in Istanbul and Istanbul to celebrate last year's defeat of the coup d'etat.

"The position of the European Union is still troubling us 54 years later," he said. He said that Brussels did not promise everything in the visa negotiations, "We will organize things for ourselves, there are no other options."

The relationship with the West was strained when the European government alarmed at the scale of the repression that followed the coup. About 150,000 people have been fired or suspended from their jobs and more than 50,000 people have been detained for alleged links to Fethullah Gulen, who is responsible for the Fukushy attempted by Ankara.

Erdogan said he would approve the death sentence "without hesitation" if Congress votes to show Turkey's move to effectively end its EU accession.

Erdogan, the most famous and fragmented politician in Turkish history in recent years, sees himself as a devout millions of liberators who have been deprived of the rights and welfare of secular elites for decades.

It is possible that the military intervention of Turkish politics over decades may have ended with the defeat of the coup. However, the division between the Western Turks and the Erdogan supporters, who are seeking closer ties with the European Union, is intensifying.

The editor is detained in a coup pillar.
Critics have criticized the use of emergency situations aimed at opposition parties, including human rights activists, politicians and journalists since the Uruguayan coup.

More than a dozen Kurdish Democrats (HDPs), including two co-leaders, are imprisoned, as are local members of the International Amnesty International human rights group.

The New York-based Committee to Journalists has set Turkey as the world's largest journalist prison. Leftist, Kurdish and opposition media were also closed.

On Saturday, authorities arrested Yeliz Koray, editor of the local newspaper Kocaeli Koz, in a column condemning the aftermath of the failed coup, her newspaper said.

"A certain group has been tormented by this work and made it a target, and they wanted to train Koray for her writing, which is part of the freedom of expression," the newspaper said on Sunday.

In a column titled "I'll Eat Your Epic," Korei criticized the government for giving an exaggerated warning of the July 15th incident last year and finding that the government had important implications in major battles during World War I and Turkish history. did.

She said the government was not enough to uncover what happened when malicious soldiers controlled tanks and airplanes in an attempt to overthrow Erdogan.

In line with the anniversary, the Turkish media have escaped from the coup attempt and have been saturated by reporters. Last year, it shows a fairly consistent image from young men, armed soldiers and mothers with headdresses against tanks.

On Saturday, the cell phone network played a 13-second pre-recorded message from Erdogan before connecting the call. In this message he respected the "martyrs" who died in the coup attempt and the "veteran" who took them to the streets.

'Get rid of your hair'
European Union chief Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU is committed to dialogue with Turkey and asked Ankara to strengthen its democracy and rule of law. He also warned not to withdraw the death penalty.

"Europe's hands are continuing to expand in a year after the coup attempt," he wrote in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper in Germany.

"If Turkey is sentenced to death, the Turkish government will finally close the door of the EU member states," he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan addressed hundreds of thousands of people in Istanbul on Saturday evening and threatened violent punishment for Turkish enemies. This includes Gulen's network term, FETO, and the illegal Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

"We know who is behind FETO, the PKK and all that," he said. "We can not defeat the queen, the king, or the Sheikh without defeating the pawn, the knight, or the castle." First, we will remove our heads from these rebels. "

He also argued that Gulen's network members should wear the same garments as those worn by prisoners at Guantanamo camps. At a hearing in a T-shirt with a camp named "Hero"

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