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Monday, July 17, 2017

Federer Wins Record Eighth Wimbledon

Federer wins record eighth Wimbledon as Cilic crumbles

Roger Federer is waiting for eight games at Wimbledon.

He is once again the champion of the Grand Slam tournament on the grass court and is more often than any other man in history held in 1877.

Federer was the eighth winner of the All England club in five years due to his seventh injury. Marin Cilic, who was injured in the first half, had a coronation ceremony on Sunday, 6-3.

However, he will remember the move of Cilic, who lost 3-0 in the second set in the eleventh Wimbledon final of the Swiss superstar and the 29th major league match, and will be popular with tears.

London - Roger Federer (Switzerland) will keep Croatia away from Marin Cilic.
The seventh Croatian, 2014 American Open champion, sobbed his head inconsolably and sprinkled his head in his towel dreaming.

He recorded his left foot after the second set, but Federer became the first player to win Wimbledon since Bjorn Borg in 1976.

"He is a hero.

The Swiss Maestro was challenged at first but after the tense Cilic in the opening match fifth game the contest was not controversial.

Federer followed Arthur Ashe, who won the 1976 Professional Age Championship at Wimbledon on the 4th, 23 days before his 36th birthday.

Federer won the Australian Open in six months at the end of the year and waited 18 times for the Grand Slam in five years. Many thoughts were ambiguous.

Now he can add more than 19 years old.

Federer joked Troy boys Leo and Lennart with their little Myla Rose and Charlene Riva when they beat Andy Murray in the finals of 2012. My father kissed my trophy for the first time in 2003.

"Do not drop the set, I have magic, I can not believe it, I do it too much, I believe I can make such a complaint, I am not sure if I will be here in the other finals. I'll be able to. "

Cilic, who spent four and a half hours more than Federer in the final, said he could not retire from injury.

"I always did my best without giving up the game and I did everything I could," said Cilic, still emotional in the trophy presentation.

"I have made a tremendous journey here, and I want to thank the team for playing the best tennis in my life.

In the star-studded Royal Box, where William William and his wife Kate rubbed shoulders with Hugh Grant and Bradley Cooper, Silic made his first break in the fourth game, Points.

It was saved by Federer and it was a faint light of Cilic.

Federer was struck in the next game. Ultimately, he weakened his challenge by knocking very hard on the frayed surface of the opponent.

Federer offered two love services, but he beat Cilic's double deficit 6-3 in Croatia's second leg final.

The Swiss superstar swept a 3-0 lead in the second set. And in the turnaround, Cilic ran into tears and clear pain in his court-side chair.

The trainer and the doctor were summoned before Cilic composed himself desperately to hide his head with a towel.

The 28-year-old has signed a new contract, but the fatal offensive continues. Federer kept the lead after losing 4-1.

Cilic dropped the 6-1 set, wrapped his left foot on a bandage, took medical care and brought painkillers.

His discomfort was reflected in his statistics.

By the end of the second set, he offered only two aces compared to the 130 who were blamed in the last six rounds.

Federer finished second in the first leg and beat the 4-3 to finish the coronation at 1:41.

Yes, he finally cried.

Federer skipped the circuit of the clay court that missed the French Open, so he did his best on his beloved grass coat. Federer was 31-2 on Sunday's 2017 game.

He has returned to the top of tennis and is engaged in sports in a way no one else can.

"It's really magical," Federer said. "I can not believe it yet."

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