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Monday, July 17, 2017

Money Market: Bank Deposits Rise By 2.34PC

Other accounts for Deposits and all of the upcoming banks were $ 11.998 billion on June 30, up 2.34 percent from the previous week and up 14.5 percent from the previous year.

According to a weekly statement for every bank scheduled for the week ended June 30, deposits and other accounts at all commercial banks rose 2.38p to Rs.11,177.7 billion. However, professional bank deposits and other accounts fell 4.94% to $ 6.71 billion.

The total assets of all the scheduled banks were Rs. 1680.33 billion, up 2.05% from Rs 16.6515 trillion in Jeonju. This figure rose 14.48pc from Rs 14.67763 trillion last year.

All of the planned bank investments rose 0.67%. Compared to last year's corresponding figures, current week numbers are as high as 7.56pc.

The total assets of all commercial banks were 16.46 trillion dollars, up 2.08 pct from the previous week's 1,684.11 million shares, while total assets of professional banks were 0.25 trillion won, 0.23 pct lower than the 2.47 trillion shares of the previous week.

Total lendings of all scheduled banks were $ 6,176,310 million, up 2% from $ 6,158 billion in the previous week. Compared to last year's equivalent of $ 5,270.97 billion, this week's figure increased by 17.2%.

The performance of all commercial banks increased by 2.03%, from 8,844 billion won in the previous week to 6,588 billion won. On the other hand, the professional banks' performance in the previous week was Rs 167,747.71 million.

All scheduled bank borrowings increased during the review week. Rupees of Rs. 2,654.89 billion, up 4.81 pct from Rs2,292.99 billion last week. Compared to last year's corresponding Rs 2,222,270, this week's figure rose 19.47pc.

The borrowings of commercial banks in the province rose 4.85% from Rs.249.296 trillion in the previous week. The bank 's borrowings reached Rs 40.9 billion, compared with the previous year' s Rs 39.997 billion.

All of the planned bank investments were at Rs 8,166,143 million in Rs 8,111.78 billion, up from the previous week's figure of Rs 0.67pc. Compared to last year's equivalent of Rs 7,592,282 billion, this week's figure is as high as 7.56pc.

All commercial banks' investments rose 0.68pc to $ 8.11 trillion, compared with 0.68p17n in Jeonju. On the other hand, the investment of all professional banks reached Rs 48.52 billion, compared with Rs 49.38 billion in Jeonju.

All scheduled bank cash and balances with the Treasury Bank increased compared to last week and rose 9.2 percent to $ 1,012.86 billion compared to Rs 1,285,526 million in the previous week. The current weekly figure has risen 46.87pc from last year's Rs.765.57 billion.

Cash and balances of all commercial banks rose 9.08 percent to RMB1.1757 trillion from RMB1.24 trillion to RMB1.03 trillion. Cash and balances of all professional banks were $ 529 million, up 31.02% from Rs 404.3 billion in the previous week.

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