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Monday, July 17, 2017

Nature Of US Engagement In Afghanistan Likely

Nature of US engagement in Afghanistan likely to be changed

US Defense Secretary James Mathis confirmed that the Trump Administration's new Afghanistan strategy would have a regional context, including Pakistan.

In a news briefing, Mattis noted that the new strategy could change the nature of US military intervention in Afghanistan.

This is the first time that the US Cabinet has included Pakistan in this report, despite media reports suggesting that the Trump Administration is pursuing a strategy to reestablish relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Investigation: Anxiety in Pakistan

Asked about Pakistan's new strategy, he said, "I can say that the strategy packs everything in a local context." He added that the media 's conjecture about the Trump Administration' s new strategy of "adding 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan may prove to be right" will probably "change some of what the military is doing now".

According to press reports, the review is in the final stages and the administration could share it with the US Congress at the end of the month and then make it public.

Mathis also said Senator John McCain, who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee, plays a key role in formulating a new US policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"Senator McCain is probably leading efforts to provide Hill with what we need to do to serve as chair of the disarmament committee," he said.

Senator McCain urged Pakistan to confront the Afghan Taliban or face the consequences when they visited the Pak-Afghan area earlier this month.

In a news briefing on July 4 in Kabul, he said, "We made clear that Pakistan is looking forward to working with us, especially against the Hakati network and terrorist organizations." "If they do not change their behavior, we will have to change their behavior toward Pakistan," he said.

Since then Congress has taken some steps to cut off suspected links to Haqqani network for US civilian and military support to Pakistan. Some of them have also asked the Pakistani government to release Dr Shakil Afridi, which prevented militants from using the soil to attack neighboring countries and helped the CIA track Osama bin Laden from a compound of Avotabad. .

Mattis said the new strategy would coordinate everything to formulate a strong US response to Afghanistan's militant activities.

Donald Trump National Security and Security Advisor H.R. Mas M. Rex McMaster leads a team that sets up a new policy, and member states are considered to have discussed this issue with Pakistan and Afghan officials.

"Strategy and, you know, what are the main efforts ... and what is the support effort, and in your endeavor, you often find the most subtle difference and, as a result, you have to deal with interagency issues," Mattis said. Explaining the cause of the delay.

He also acknowledged recent media reports that Mr. Trump is seeking the possibility of replacing US troops in Afghanistan with civilian military contractors.

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