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Monday, July 17, 2017

South Africa Leave England With Record

South Africa leave England with record total to chase

England will have to beat the world record 474 to win the second qualifying round and South Africa will have to be released for two days after providing the strongest platform for Sunday's third victory.

After declaring at 343-9, just before the final, South Africa, which Alastair Cook thought had the first ball, showed better results.

England finished a huge mission in South Africa's worn pitch as South Africa scored 472 points ahead of 1-0 to advance victory in the 4-1 series at Trent Bridge.

The test team did not have a team with 418 points, and Trent Bridge's record is gentler than the 284-7 point that the United Kingdom cut down to win New Zealand in 2004.

When South Africa returned to 75-1, Britain had to pick up the wicket early on and when Hashim Amla failed to appeal to Stuart Broad's heart, he could flee to 91-1 I realized that I could avoid the basic mistakes. TV replay later dominated the goalkeeper.

Inevitably, Amla paid for England, and he seemed almost unafraid to be in a difficult situation before falling over to Liam Dawson for a review.

The bearded right - handed pitcher made a firm partnership with Dean Eger after earning an early start to Jimmy Anderson and Papp DuPlaceis.

Ben Stokes opened the ticket gate for both partners. Elgar threw the ball without lifting the ball. The captain of South Africa was carefully kept low with 63 RBIs. High energy by dismissal Durham was the strongest player in the UK. Pitcher.

This was the first real captain test against Joe Root in England. In the second test of South Africa, I tried to avoid my first defeat as a captain.

Surprisingly, Root decided not to return to Moeen Ali, who had taken ten wickets by 3 pm. The decision ultimately became more confusing as a result of the British offspin, 4-78. 1956.

Even with the new ball, Vernon Philander (42) and Chris Morris could not identify the tourists as the sun came out of the final session.

Morris had a good catch against Gary Ballance's 13-year-old Moeen, while Broad finished at age 13. South Africa uses Keshav Maharaj as one-on-one and declares the evening.

When it came, their bowlers showed England how rough the next two days would be.

The record of the heyday was held by the West Indies and won 418-7 points to defeat Australia in 2003.

SOUTH AFRICA (first inning) 335 (H. Amla 78, Q. de Kock 68, V. Philander 54, J. Anderson 5-72, S, Broad 3-64).

England (first inning) 205 (J Root 78, Maharaj 3-21, Morris 3-38).

South Africa (second inning, overnight: 75-1):
H. Kuhn c Root b Anderson 8

Elgar C. Anderson B Stokes 80

H. Amla lbw b Dawson 87

Q. Andrew 1

F. Du Plessis lbw Stokes 63

T. Bavuma c Root b Ali 15

V. Philander c and b Ali 42

C. Morris c Ballance b Ali 13

K. Maharaj c Broad B Ali 1

M. Morkel was not 17 years old.

Extra (B-8, LB-8) 16

Total (9 class, 104 class) 343

BAT: D Olivier.

Fall of WKTS: 1-18, 2-153, 3-154, 4-216, 5-253, 6-275, 7-304, 8-307, 9-343.

Bowling: Anderson 20-4-45-2; Wide area 19-4-60-0; Wood 18-5-68-0; Ali 16-2-78-4; Stokes 20-4-34-2; Dawson 11-1-42-1.

England (2 innings):
A. Do not cook out 0

K. Jennings is not zero.

Extra (LB-1) 1

Total (wkt none, over 4) 1

BAT: G. Ballance, J. Root, J. Bairstow, B. Stokes, M. Ali, L. Dawson, S. Broad, M. Wood, J. Anderson.

BOWLING: Morkel 2-2-0-0; Philadelphia 2-2-0-0.

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