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Iftaar party by Bilawel to Mariam Nawaz

by on May 30, 2019
Iftaar party by Bilawel to Mariam Nawaz: Now a day apposition party give hard time to the PTI government of Pakistan. Chairman of PPP Bilawel bhotto give the invitation of Aftaar party  to the Mariam Nawaz and PML-N party members . In this aftaar party all the main party members of PML-N and PPP are participated. By this aftaar party many future plannings decided and take many decesion about the government . Now a days both parties face many challenges about the past performance .
In thses days many refrences are in hold in the courtt against both parties. Apposition parties get to gathers to face all these challenges and give the hard time to the government . This is the 1st aftaar party in which both party members participate . This aftaar part show that all apposition parties are cooperated to each other in each and every thing . This aftaar party give the direction to the apposition to ake steps in the future. PTI government and peoples of the country give many comments for this party. In the past these two parties are enemy to each other but now a days these two parties are working together.

Drilling of crued oil in the sea

by on May 21, 2019
Drilling of crude oil in the sea: Now a days a new issue has been broke out in the Pakistan that is found of Cruid oil in the country of Pakistan . Current government spend 8 million rupeez on this mega projects to find the oil in the sea. This project started in the province of Sindh and with the help of Saudi arabia. The company of Sudi Aarabia work on that mega project. The prime minister of Pakistan was very hopefull for the search of oil , if oil found in the Pakistan that is very huge Succecc for this government .
Prime minister of pakistan imran khan addressed with the people of pakistan and told him about the importance of this cite . If pakistan found oil in this field then the economy of pakistn will be strong as turkey, mlayisia , indunesia,and qatar. By politically pressure this project now a days do thier productivity is bery slow . Amera wants to start a war with iraan and wants to get the help from pakistan for this war as receive in the war of afghanistan. It depends upon the government of pakistan to ensure that all projects of pakistan will com to seccess or is a turn point of pakistan to strong it,s economy by start new projects and complete the existing projects

Shortage of Electricity

by on May 16, 2019
Shortage  of Electricity: In Today,s the main problem of All countries is the shortage of power . It means in these days we can not ignore the importance of electricity power. Now a days each and every thing is depend of electricity. Almost all work is don by machinery and man power is reduced in all fields of life .

All countries of the world now a days think about this problem and want to resolve the problem . Pakistan is also a country that face the problem of shortage of electricity .now Pakistan take steps to build dams to over come this problem, in Pakistan consumption is more then the production that,s why there is shortage in the country.all the political parties ignore the importance of electricity and not take any step to generate the Power of Electricity.


by on May 09, 2019
The month of Ramzan take a very important part part in the life of Muslims now a days this month is started in the calannder .
The importance of this month can be chaked by theroutine life of Muslims . In this month routine life of Muslims changed totally. Thesy avoid to talk to one another in the laier . Every thing avail the markeeets of muslims in cheep rates and qualitnies is also good. All the members of family take a part in the prayers . In this month the swab of prayers will double and seigns will be forgive by Allah. After the end of this month Muslims can celebrate the day of EID in this day all the Muslims celebrated. This is the day of happiness for the Muslims .

In this day all return and good gift is received by Allah that the Muslims don in the month of rmzan. Ramzaan is the leader month on all months . In this month all devils arrested because devils vpcan not deceibe the Muslims . This is a month in which we can forgive all our gunnah by Allah.


by on May 03, 2019
BENEFITS OF EXERCISE first of all I told you that exercise is very important in our life . by taking exercise daily our fate consumed and I would be healthy and by exercise we safe from many deceases. our body will be very beautiful and charming . many benefits of exercise and many kinds of exercise
I told you many names of exercise that you adopt and get healthy body

1st name of exercise is high jumping
in this exercise we take high jump and in this exercise we resolve our fate
2nd  name of exercise is pushups' in this exercise take pushups' and take healthy body
3rd name of exercise is setups .in this exercise we cane dissolve our fat this type of exercise is very difficult . that is the reason that people not take this exercise , but there are many benefits of taking pushups' e
4th name of exercise is running . by this type of exercise is our body is very wormed and we will be healthy


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