SEO Tutorial for Beginners + Step by Step Guide 2019! =(YOAST SEO)=

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In this tutorial I will be going through SEO for beginners and all be using Yoast SEO to optimize a wordpress websiteBut lets say if youre using Shopify or another content management system you can still use this guideBut you just have to follow the same principles and find out where you can actually edit the on-page SEO part for your websiteok soMy name is Hogan and Im gonna be going through the five step formula to rank on page number oneSo in stage oneIm gonna be talking about understanding SEO and stage two will be going through keyword research and alsocompetition analysisThen well be moving to stage three which is on-page optimization and then stage four off pageoptimization and Stage five analysisokay so finally I also give you some actionable tips and advice to also boost your rankings right soWhat can you actually use this guide for so you can use this guide to optimize your own local website or a blog or e-commerce?Website and convert them to sales or you can actually just use this guide for educational purposes and maybe you can help clientsYou know optimize their websites and charge monthly retainersIts really up to you what users guide for but this is a one-hour tutorialSo maybe you know grab a coffee or something like that. All rightSo what is SEO right search engine optimization it basically means optimizing your website. So it ranks onThese search engines for example on Google and Bing and other things like thatRight so so that you can actually get organic traffic to your websiteSo this is actually the best traffic source that you can get because people are looking for exactly what you have to offerRight. So for example if youre doing paid advertising on Facebook ads Im not saying that its badIm just saying compared to that. This is something that you really need to focus on for your website or your business right?Because if youre doing paid advertising youre only guessing what they want right youre interrupting them. For example theyre watching TV andTheyre scrolling through their Facebook feed on their mobile during a advertisement on TVBut theyre not really looking for a carpet cleaning service if thats what youre offering right?there in the mindset of you know looking at what their friends are doing and stuff likethat right there not really looking for a carpet cleaning service because their carpets clean already but lets sayYou know if youre ranking on Google and your ranking for carpet cleaning in a specific locationPeople actually have that problem that wants to be solved right? So theyre peopleThat people are actually looking for that solution and they wanted urgentlyOkay if youre ranking therethen youre gonna have a really good chance of converting those to sales and there are thousands andthousands of people who are searching for exactly what you have to offer andOnce you actually start ranking then you get consistent visitors to your website for free and all you need to do is maintain that okaySo Im gonna explain a little bit about how Google actually ranks your websiteSo the first thing they doThe most basic thing is they scan your website. So lets look at this website here Forbes travel guideOkaySo how they scan your website is they look at your pages content you know does it actually have the keywords?Which the user is actually searching for so Googles job is to provide the most relevantYou know the rep most relevant answers to that users search query right?so whatever theyre searching for if theyre searching for this cost study isEste beach resort. I think thats how you pronounce itOkay then you better bet that that keyword should be on that page right so they actually look at the page sourceso if you right click and view that page source they look atThe code here and whether or not you know the content is related to what the user is searching forSo that is the first step. OkayThe second step is our other websites linking to you right?So what thats gonna tell Google is you know is this websites?Relevance and also is this website a helpful resource?So normally when people actually link to a specific page it means that page is sort of importantOkay it gives that page what we call link juice right?So for example this Forbes Travel Guide its linking back to the hotel website right?so if you actually click into that then thats gonna link tothis hotel websiteAnd thats basically going to tell Google that you know this website is quiet trustworthy because Forbes is actually linking to itRight. So the second step is actually getting links to your website So I will be going through that how to get links laterBut that is basically the main two factors that Google uses to calculate itRight then there are other things which is the click-through rate. So the click-through rate is for example if we actually go to GoogleandLets just do maybe besthotels in BaliOkay ifif youre actually searching for best hotels to Bali then when people are browsing that like for example if Im aUser or a customer and Im scrolling through the results here and I dont click on these two resultsOkayI click on this result because because basically the the title here and also the description is much more sort ofClickable and these two get clicked less. Okay because they havent optimized the titleThey havent optimized their description. So this ones going to get a higher click-through rate. So more people are going to click through itLess people are gonna click through to these websites. Okay that will mean a low click-through rate. So Google takes that into consideration as wellSo well be going through how to optimize those settings laterBut basically user experience is another factor. So how long someone actually spends on your website?so how long does the actual user spend browsing this website will actually tell a lot to Google whether or not this website is avaluable resourceOkay so if people click onto your website and they look at it and you have some really really bad picture or you knowReally really bad layout and content people are gonna click off that websiteand Google is going to know that website is not a good website and theyre not gonna rank you right so its really important toTo take that into considerationAnother factor is the speed of the websiteSo if your website takes longer than I think three or four seconds to load people are gonna click off your websiteAnother factor is mobile friendliness. So its really important to have a mobile-friendly web andYou can check your mobile friendliness on a page called. I think the sponsor NadercommSo you can plug in this URL. For example this hotel URL plug it into here andThen click on go and basically you can see if its you know mobile responsive or not. Okay?So basically they take everything into considerationSo your goal is to make a website the best you can for the userSo make the user happy and solve a problem and give amazing value. And then basically youll get rankedOk so its also really important to understand that Google makes most of us money from AdWordsSo AdWords is the ads up hereSo if someone actually clicks into that ad then the advertiser for exampleThis pure brightening cleaning company will have to pay GoogleOk so Google makes most of the money from its search engine and AdWords. So its really important thatYou know Google provides the best user experienceWhen people actually using their free search engine so people can keep coming back to the search engineKeep using it keep clicking on their adsok soSo you gotta really understand that and if you have a bad website that doesnt provide any value then its not gonna rankAlright so theres three different types of search queriesInformational so what that means is people are looking for an answer to a questionSo for example you might be looking on how to make money or how to do SEO how to lose weightYou know those are informational types of keywords or people might be doingearphone reviews or the best TV or bestHDTV review those types of informational keywords and youve also got navigational so navigational isPeople know where they want to goBut they use Google as a way to navigate through that website because they might not know the domainSo for example people might be on Google anyway and there might be like typing in Amazon or something like that or Amazon AWSWhich is a Amazon service you know for exampleSome people dont know the exact URL so theyre not going to type it into hereBut they use the Google search to navigate to that pageAll right and then there is the transactional types of keywordsSo people are looking to buy something or spend money for example carpet cleaning in a specific locationso people are looking for a service and theyre really likely to buy orIt might be for like an e-commerce store might be for like buy shoes online or buy a specific pair of shoes onlineThose are transactional. So what were going to be focusing on is transactional and also informationalInformational is really important because you have more control over thatbecause you have more creativity in terms of what content you can create and you can target more keywords andonce you actually target those keywords and you start ranking for these keywords which some of them I reallySort of highly searched for thenYou can start using that you know that your blog or something like that or that pageTo go back to your shop page or to your services page. Alright?soWhat were gonna be doing is finding keywordsSo Ive structured this into three sections local blog and personal and e-commerceSo the principles are pretty much the same but there are some slight differences and I want to go through different examples to help youUnderstand a little bit betterIf you dont want to go and watch specific parts you can use the time status below to skip to the most relevantsection but I highly recommend watching at all because yeah I think its reallyImportant so for this part of the video Ill be going through finding keywordsSo the basics of finding a good keyword is that you want to find a keyword which is sort ofRelated or really relevant to what you actually have to offer right?You dont want to rank for something that you dont actually provideSo lets say for example youre selling organic coffee beansThen you dont really want to at least at first rank for a broad term for example like coffeeOkay because when people are searching for coffee on Google you know they might be looking for definitions or you knowall sorts of different things like you wouldnt know right but there are a lot of searches but you knowNot many of them are looking for again coffee beansSo it would be much easier for you to rank your websiteAnd also youll convert higher alsoYoull probably have less competition and you actually satisfy the visitor if you actually target what you have to offerOkay. So once you actually get some results its gonna build your confidence up with SEO and then youre gonna be able to dominateso Im gonna actually go through aExample so Im gonna do a local carpet cleaning business as an example to show youSort of everything that I do to find the keywords okay?So for example like all the tools and everything Ill show you everything right now. Okay soWhat I normally do is I probably write it down on a piece of paper in this case. Im just gonna type it outSo this is a carpet cleaning businessSo for me I would sort of put myself in the shoes of the customerokay what would they be searching for after they just spilt you know coffee on their carpet you know theyre probably searched for likecarpetCleaners inMelbourne or they might search you know carpetCleaning in Melbourne and they might even search for how to removeCoffee stainfrom carpetOkay so these two keywords are highly transactional this one is more informational so people are looking for a how-toOkay so based on your seed keywords. What I do is I would copy theThe keyword and then go to Google. Okay and then just paste that in and then do a Google search sowhat were gonna do now is basically get some more keyword ideas and we can do that by justLooking at our competitors websites and see what theyre actually ranking for. So Im gonna open the first result here andMaybe it will go with this one here cobble cleaning Melbourne. So lets take two examplesSo when were actually looking at the website here you can just go to the top part of the website hereAnd normally theyll have servicesOkay so if you actually see here these are all the keywords that they are targeting their main keywordsOkay so its really easy to seeSo if you go back to this one here a different websiteYou can also hover on the services and you can see the keywords that theyre targetingSo the targeting carpet cleaning duct cleaning tile and grout cleaningBasically this is gonna give you some more ideasLike if youre new to the industrythis is gonna give you a lot of different ideas of what people actually searching for and what Ill do is probably justlook at all the services and then put them on aNotepad or something like that. So I would do lets sayThis one tile andGrout cleaning and then well do this one as wellOkay so obviously type out the ones that youWill provide as well?Okayso Im not going to type out all these ones thatis where Ill do to generate some keyword ideas of what pages that should I create for my business andWhat keywords should I target?Okay once you have those seed keywords okay?So you should have probably like 10 to 20 different keywords based from their website hereOkay just looking at those services. Okay then what I do is go to a website called ubersuggestSo if you go to Google and just type in ubersuggest and click on the first resultwe should take it to neo Patels website andHere we can enter in the keyword. So Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne. IWould paste that into here the keyword and select web here here Im gonna select the country. So Im going to selectAustralia so Im gonna look for English and then type in Australia click on lookupOk so that says there is a volume of six thousand and six hundred. So this is by the monthSo theres six thousand six hundred peoplesearching per month approximatelyOkay and the CPC which means cost per click and thats almost ten dollarsSo the cost per click is if you actually look here youll see that up here on the there is addOkay so these are Google ads and advertisersFor example this guy here Carpet Cleaners Melbourne. This company is advertising using Google AdwordsSo if someone actually clicks on that result then this company will have to pay Google$9 60 per click. Okay so that almost gives you aIndication of how competitive the keyword is. Alright. So normally the higher the CPC the more competitive it is okay becauseYou know people are paying lets say you know $10 per click. So obviously these free results hereOkay theyll be quite competitive because these are all for freeOkayYou dont have to pay Google if someone clicks into your your websiteSo that gives you an indication how competitive it is. So for example if you clickup here on the search volumeOk youll see cheap as chipsOkay so chips are cheap as chips is a company and the CPC is quite low only 58 centsthe reason why its quite low is becausecheapest chips people are actually typing that into Google but that is not aSort of a transactional keyword right? That is a navigational keyword. So people are navigating to that websiteOkay so it wouldnt make sense for anyone any other advertiser to be targeting thatKeyword okay because people are looking specifically for this keyword and theyre not gonna click on anything elseSo theres not much point and as you can see there is no Google ads here. Alright soIf we go back hereThen what you do is you look at all the different keywords. Okay. So what I do is just copy them probably to youryour clipboard or your notepad here andCopy down all those different ideas like everything that is related to what you actually have to offerso for example and at least cleaning Melbourne so end of lease is basicallyYou know after you have found a new placeThen you need to clean that house for the landlord before you can actually get the bond backAlright so well look at all the different keywords here. You might proveProvide office cleaning okayIm gonna scroll down you might provide commercial cleaningYou might just copy that down. OkayVacate cleaning. So that is almost the same as the end of lease cleaningRight so different people type in different stuff. Okay so its important to understand that this one is bond cleaningOkay so these three here I pretty much the same thing but you know people type at different thingsOkay so this is going to give you a lot moreidea of what keywords people are searching for and what keywords you can actually create pages specifically forSo weve got here our best carpet cleaning in MelbourneSo youve got someSort of modifiers. These are called so invest. Alright and youve also got people typing in cheapOkay so you can copy down all these little keywords and things like thatAnd once you actually create a page then you can actually add these keywords onto your pageSo when google scans your website they will see that you have that content on the page. Right like for example affordableOk scrolling down andYou might find some informational types of keywords. Alright so we can search down herefor example carpet cleaning cost ok copper cleaning cost isPeople wants to know how much does it cost for carpet cleaning services. So what I do is copy that down as wellOk so for these types of keywords what Ill do is Ill create blog posts for theseAlright so blog posts are sort of different from pagesThese are quite similar but you knowits kind of different these ones have a set layouts andThey look something like this so blog post looks something like we scroll down hereI think these guys probably have a blogI cant click on the blog and its sort of like an article format right prepare your home for the coldest seasonSo this one is probablyWinter cleaning tips maybe thats their keyword targeting. Ok. So this is the blog postok so you would probably create a blog post which iscoveringMuch it cost to clean the carpetOkay so people might be searching for this keyword and then they might land on your page and then they realize okayIts not that expensive and then they say oh okay. I might hire this company. Okay so its sort of like picture this right?So for example McDonalds they offer I think in AustraliaAt least they offer really cheap soft-serve. Okay so what they do is they put the soft serve and make it really cheapSo that they attract people there and once a pick once people are there then they upsell people on you know?A happy meal or like a Big Mac meal the same thing with 7-elevens. Okay they sell $1 coffee in AustraliaSo they attract people there so you know people go there and they might buy different stuffFor example you know fill up the car or whatnot. Okay because the $1 coffeeOkay so think of your blog section on your website think of it as sort of a place where you can attract people into create that brand awareness andOnce people are there then people can see all you offer that service as well. Okay andIts highly likely that there will hire you because you knowThey realize that youre providing value and that youre an expert in what you actually do. So this does actually take some timeOkay so this this isnt like a you knowa one-hour thingThis is pop this probably take you like several hours to you knowFind keywords and look for the keywords and put them all on a notepadOkay once you actually have them in the notepad then you should sort of organize them into you knowWhat pages you want to create? All right so if you actuallyDraw that out. Okay. This is the mind map that I createdSo for example on my home pageIm gonna target carpet cleaners Melbourne as my primary keywordMy secondary keyword is the same one but it has in Melbourne in there. Okay?So what you normally want to do for each page you want to target one primary keyword?okay and one secondary one but it should be like verySimilar. Okay you might have a you know modifier in there or something like in or cheaper affordable anything like that?Okay so this one might be primary keyword might be tile cleaning MelbourneSecondary might be tile cleaning in MelbourneOkay you dont want to confuse Google and target?you know all sorts of keywords on one specific page and its also important because if you actually targetlets sayGo to this website hereLets go to tile & grout cleaning. Okay when people are searching for tile and grout cleaningTheyre looking for tile and grout cleaning. Okay so so you should have images of you know tiles and stuff like thatso you know as you can see they have a video there and they have content related to what thatsyou know that user is actually searching for okay so if you target likeYou know multiple keywords on one specific page then people are gonna look at it and theyre not gonna be sort ofAttracted to it because youre all over the place. OkaySo right now once youve actually have you know your list of keywords its time to sort of check out the competition and seeWhether or not you should go for that keyword or you should try it and find a different variation of that keyword. Okay soWe can do that manually and to do that manually if you actually type in the keyword in the Googlealrightthen you can scroll down and you can the first thing that you want to see is is that keyword actually in the title ofThe website. Okay. So this one isCarpet dry cleaning Melbourne. Okay so it has a variation of it. Okay but its not exact andIf you scroll down here same thing carpet cleaning in Melbourne okaySo this ones Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne so its not exact but it is a very similarVariation scrolling down and just looking at all these ones. Theyre all pretty similar and they do have variations of that keyword andTo me. Its sort of like a mediumCompetitive keyword. Okay so people do have that in their title. They do have that in their URL as well and they do havesome of the keywords in the Meta Descriptionokay soWhat were doing now is because Google actually scans your websiteAnd checks whether or not you have that keyword on your page then you knowThis is this is one of the most important factors thats you want to be looking for?Okay then you want to be looking at inside the website. Is that keyword?Within the content okaySo you do a ctrl F and that will bring up this window here and then you can try and paste in your keywordsso your one wasCarpetCleaners in Melbourne okay so thats not on the page. So that basically means that you have a opportunity thereSo lets search up cop cleaners Melbourne. Okay so thats not in there carpet cleaners okayThey do have carpet cleaners in the content but I think there are targeting carpet cleaning melbourneOkay so theyre talking carpet cleaning. Lets see. All right so that appears you know I think15 15 times on the website. Okay so when google scans a website theyll see okayThis website is related to carpet cleaning and lets do melbourneOkay they have one of those keywords in the page right and lets do melbournecarpet cleaningThat appears nine times right? So they have that keyword on the page. So when google scans it then they know that its related toCarpet cleaning in melbourne right? So what you want to check for is?The h1 tag so normally it will be the titleSo you would highlight that and then you click on inspect and youll see whether or not theyve optimized the heading one tagTo be their keyword. Okay normally the heading one tag. That is their target keywordSo as you can see their target keywords carbo cleaning melbourneSo were gonna close thatSo this page obviously its medium competition im gonna show you a low competition keywords so you can see the differencealright so if we actually go to lets sayCarpetcleaning in CairoIm not quite sure if people in Egypt actually use Google actually but this is just an example. Okay soFor example carpet cleaning in Cairo Egypt if we look here youll see carpet cleaningWithin the title and youll also see it within the Meta Description. Okay so Im gonna open that in a new tabCarpet Cleaning Cairo EgyptOkay thats good. But if you look down here its carpet care and if you look in hereIt doesnt haveCleaning and it doesnt even have Cairo or Egypt in there and same it doesnt have a foot URL eitherOkay so were gonna copy that and open that in a new tabthis one doesnt have it either so it doesnt have Kabul cleaning in the title andWere gonna open that as well okay so this will give you an indication ofBasically how competitive it is based on just the title itself?So this one is talking about pest control Egypt. So its got nothing to do with Kabul cleaning right or maybe it does butTheyre targeting pest control on this pageOkay so to me that looks like a low competition keyword in Cairo EgyptSo if we look at the page yeah then you do a control findCarpet cleaning. Okay so it appears two times. Its not too bad andLets search up Cairo. Okay so it doesnt have Cairo in there. OkaySo as you can see this website is kind of old as wellOkayJust going down. Okay this book this page is quite old and if you do control findcarpet cleaningOkay it appears five times. Okay. Lets check the heading one tag or it might not be a heading one tagokay so as you can see thats notEncapsulated in the h1 tag so they havent optimizes page a lot. And as you can see its quite old as wellThis one here. Okay. I dont think that is any goodthis one here I think is aManufacturer of carpets. Okay rather than a specific carpet cleaning serviceI think they might they might have it that they havent really optimized a pageSo if you do highlight this which might be the title lets see. Okay so thats the heading one tagThey havent optimized it. Okay they have just put home as the h1 tag. So when scoot google scans our website thereIts gonna tell Google thats you know it just says home okaySo this one is a low competition keywords in Cairo Egypt but a medium competition in Melbourne AustraliaAlright so what you can also do is you can also download a Chrome extensionso you can search up Moz bar chrome andWhat youre doing now is a navigational keyword search. Okay so here it should be the top results click into it andthen you can actually add that to Chrome and thenSign up for a free accountok once youve done that and its activated then you can actually turn that on and thenWere gonna do a refreshOk so this is going to give you a PA and a da so a da stands for domain Authority PA stands for page AuthoritySo the higher it is the harder it is for you to actually rank. Okay so this one is yeah medium competitionIt has a domain authority of around 20 to 30If we actually do the same for the Egypt oneYoull see thats the page Authority here is six and the main authority is sevenso you could probably rank for this keyword in Egypt forProbably in a week or so but this one here will probably take you a few months and get at leastSo if we search for a high competition keyword for example lets see how to lose weightOkay its going downYoull see that the PA and the DA will be higher. So as you can see the PA is 55 da is a -Okay the DA is 62 here. And if you scroll down to rank in the top 10 youll have to have aa minimum of at least 30so this one will take you a lot longer to actually rank for right soYou can do that for each of these keywords here. Okay so its gonna take some time obviously andSometimes you know you might just use the same keyword as what your competitors are usingOkay because you know you cant really vary it too muchI mean like for example end of Lees cleaning is just end of Lees cleaning right?You cant really change it too much because you cant change it to something that you know people arent searching forSo basically I know this is sort of a lot to take inBecause for me explaining it its already a lot. So if youre a beginner then all you really need to do isFind keywords which you know are related to your business and then just sort of draw it out in like a mind mapOkay. So for examplePick the keywords that you want to target for your homepagejust pick one main keyword and one secondary keyword andThen you create separate pages that target all the other keywords. Okay soOne primary keyword and then youll have a secondary keyword. All right and when youre actually looking onYou know lets say the ubersuggest website right you might pick you know informational types of keywords you might see you lets doLets just search up. Lets say CarpetCleaning right and if you do a look up okay so Ive searched up Kaba cleaning and Im gonna click on this - sureThe keywords which have the most search volumeAll right so were gonna scroll down here and well find some informational types of keywords. Lets seeOkay so how to clean carpet okay so this one has 1000 searchesSo if you see keywords like that Ill write that down as well into your notepadI get to create blog posts related to that keywordBecause you know if if youre targeting these keywords its not gonna be a instant thingOkay just because you have content related to this thingIts still gonna take you a few months especially if its a medium sort of competitive keywordThen what I recommend you do is to actually write blog postIts like seven best ways to clean carpet or how to steam clean carpet how to remove carpet stainscreate like a really really good content to actually help people solve this problem andPeople might be reading it and then they might realize okay. It takes so much workThey need to buy this and that theyll rather hire you. Okay so youve got more control overinformational types of keywords because you can definitely be a lot more creative in the ways in the keywords that you can actually andPeople are more likely to link to this type of contentSo to get links to lets say to your homepage or to to these pages here. Its gonna be a lot harderI mean you can get links from lets say like a like a directory websiteBut if youre trying to get links from like lets say a blog or something like thatIts a little bit harder because you know youre not really providing that much value toYou know their the blog users right? But you know this type of content is a lot easier for people to link to andThat its gonna build up your link profileOkay and in turn and over timeIts gonna start ranking for these keywords and in turn your homepage will start ranking for these more competitive types of keywordsokay so I know this is a lot toTake in but you can re-watch this part againhopefully it sort of helped you out in actually giving you some more ideas on how toFind keywords. So theres also another thing that I really want to show you so below this videothere is a seven day free trial forSEM brush so its an SEO software to basically help you speed up the process ofFinding keywords and also finding backlinks okayso before you knowYoure sort of digging a hole with your own hands. That was a manual method and its good to understand itBut if you actually use the software its sort of like using a machine to dig a hole so its gonna be a lot quickerAnd a lot easier for you right if we actually put in a URLso for example this is our competitors URL and you can click on search andMake sure you select the country that you are targetingThis is gonna give you a overview hereBut what we want to look at is the top organic keywordsso it actually gives you a full report on what keywords your competitors are ranking for andAlso its gonna give you you know the volume and also its going to give you the keyword difficultyOkay so as you can see its about 51 which is probably like a mediumKeyword and its gonna tell you how much traffic youre actually getting. Okayso this is probably the main keyword here as you can see its number and53% of their traffic to the website. Is this keyword here?Okay and then you can check out you knowWhat other keywords theyre targeting and this is gonna give you a wholeYou know new set of keywords that he can actually add in for your current content as wellSo you can start ranking for these sort of lowerSearched phrases for example this one carpet-cleaning prices. Its got 260Searches per month so you can actually include prices in the actual content of that page. Okay so you might start ranking forThese keywords as wellOkay so you can use that and research itOkay so its going to be a lot quicker and you can also filter it as wellso you can use include and exclude or the keywords andalsoYou can search by you know the volume and stuff like that as wellAlright so what you can also do is you can click on the backlink section here and its gonna tell you you knowWhich links are linking to the website? So click on the backlinks tab up here?All right so its gonna show you that okthis this website here has gotten a link from fine to local calm which I think should be aLocal listing so Im gonna try and click on that see if it pops upOk so its a local listing website which you can basically register for for freeIm pretty sure these ones are free and then you can include your details include your URL and then you have a bad click alreadySo you dont have to go around searching for?You know where can you find links?you can just see you know which links your competitors are ranking for do this for maybe the top 10 results andYou know start building up your link profileAnd once you have more links then and you have good contentThen its highly likely that youre gonna rank higher than these peopleSo this is a really really cool tool and Ill probably be going through this a little bit later in the videoOkaySo make sure you use the 7-day free trial to check out the keywords and also check out all the placesWhere your competitors have got the links from? All right. So right now what Im gonna do is go through someblog examplesOkaySo Im gonna show you how to do research for your blog and then Ill goHow to do research for your ecommerce store and then well start doing on-page SEO. All rightso now Im gonna go through keyword research forBloggers or you might have a personal blog travel blog anything like that. Im gonna go through thatSo Im gonna assume that you want to start blogging full time and you want to start making money from your blogSo how are we gonna do that? So there are several ways to actually monetize a blogThe first one is by affiliate links. So signing up for affiliate programsSo basically youre promoting. Someone elses product and you get a commissionThat is the most recommended one for beginners because you dont have to have you know any experience at allYou can just write about your experienceyou can write aboutYour experience with a product or a place or anything like that?You dont need to be an expert at whatever it is as long as you know more than you know what other people knowThen you can write about it and you can educate peopleRight then the second way is to do some freelance workSo as you actually build up audience or you know traffic to your website you can start providing freelance workyou know or you might have aAgency or you might have tour or different services you can promote that and then you can actually create you know ebooksRight so you can create ebooks and courses for example if you actually start making money from your blogThen you can actually show people how to actually make money from their blog right?so for example making sense of sense calm they make money fromHelping people save and they actually have a section where they show their income reportsSo as you can seetheyve made you know over a hundred thousand dollars in the month of June just from blogging right so theyshow you how they make a blog and by doing that they can promote other more lucrative sort of affiliate programs andMake more money. Okay so thats an idea that you can doand also if youre popular then you might want to sell your physical products or anything like that as well like t-shirts orWhatever thats related to you to your blogOkay if youre more technical you can also sell software so you know more technical peopleThey might create a software which helps their audience as well. Then you can do that as well. Okay soIm gonna actually take a travel blogger as an examplealright so if youre a travel blogger what Ill do first is Illjust go to google andtype in some keywords that orThings that you want to write about that you have experience in for exampleIf you have been to Bali then you want to blog about Bali. Alright you dont write about sort of thingsLike what I did in Bali you know what I mean? Because people arent gonna search what I did in Baliright because like if you actually copy that keyword and yeah if you actually go to uber suggest andYou plug that into here?And you click on lookup then you can see how many searches it gets in the United States on GoogleOkay so its not showing up here because maybe because theres not enough searches for itThe reason why theres no lab surface where it is because so people actually search for you knowThey want to know what they can do in BaliSo you would you would do blog post onbasically like top hotels in Bali because thats what people are gonna search in orYou know best hotels anything like that or maybe like books to do in BaliBecause thats what people are actually searching for. Okay once you actually have an audience then you can write stuff likeYou know your what I did in Bali and things like that because you dont have an audience yet. Then you want toget an audience first bycreating articles which people are searching forAll right so you can target so many different things hereAnd you know when you actually type it in here these are some of the things that people actually searching forOkaySo these are some of the you know titles that you can create an article on and if you actually scroll downTheres some here as well. Right? So what you do is you can copy the keywordsideasInto here go to the suggest. Okay so you can just google that andclick come on look up and youll see that there is about1900 searches in the United StatesOkay and if you actually go to search volume here you can see the monthly searches. So for example where is Bali?Bali hotels things to do in Bali. Ok and the CPC stands for cost per clickOkay so these are add word campaigns. OkaySo for this company here if anyone clicks into the website theyll have to pay GoogleLets say that was the example. Okay for example Bali hotels they have to pay Google2.65 per clickso that gives you an indication ofHow competitive the keyword is the higher it is then probably the more competitive the keywordOkay because the reason for that is because these results here rankingOrganic okay so theyre free. So anytime someone clicked into that. You dont have to pay Google right?So obviously the more expensive the CPC is here then people want to rank highly hereOkay because these will be highly converting keywordsOkay so by that I mean like if someone clicks into it then theyre really likely to make a purchasealrightso if we actually minimize thatSo what we do is were gonna actually click into a blog and see basically how they actually monetize rightSo one of the blogs that lets just do things to do in the BaliOkay obviously these are the top websites here TripAdvisorSo its going to be hard to outrank some of these websites here but lets click into maybe one of this the blog a blogScrolling downAnd you can look on the second page as wellSo we want to look at other blogs who are you know making money as wellSo lets just have a look. Okay look at how theyre making moneySo you can have a look if lets click on one of these thingsOkay so this isnt really like a blog or anything like thatIts more of a IGuess it is a blog but its more of a sort of like a directory sort of website. Okay?if were actuallySantorini DaveOkay so this is a good blog that you can get some inspiration fromOkay so as you can see hes got travel guides for all sorts of different locationsguides forDifferent hotels as well right and lets click on alldestinationsAnd lets click on Baliokay lets click on best hotels andThen here if you scroll down right and if you look at the links okay. So for example this one islinking to booking comm and if you look at the bottom leftOkay youll see that it has the URL and it has a IDEquals three four six four two six and that is that an affiliate IDSo if someone clicks in that and makes a booking for a hotel then this website owner will get a commissionRight. So as you can see he has affiliate linksYou know everywhere basically so if you scroll down over here this is also an affiliate linkSo he lists the top hotels and then he has an affiliate link. So what you can do is you can open that upAnd you can see which website it is. So booking com. Okay. Normally theyll have an affiliate program on the really bottomSo perhaps lets have a lookOkay if they dont show it here or what you can do is you can do booking.comAnd then type in affiliate programOkay and here you can actually sign up for the affiliate programOkaySo that is the first thing to do you can check out you knowYour your competitors first and see how theyre making money. For example this guy the points guy andYou can also look up here. So normally some blogs that have a resources page and normally on the resources pageI have all sorts of resources andIf people click into it and buy that resource then theyll get a commission as wellSo for example this one here if you click on top cards then youll know that you knowThey make a lot of commission from promoting thesetravelCards okaySo you can look intothese cards and see if they offer an affiliate program and sign up for it and then you know you can create content forlets like guides and stuff like that and then you could havePromoting you know basically these cards. Okay. So if we actually go here andYou know if you actually promote more luxury products and destinations like theyre more expensive the hotel per nightYoure gonna get more CommissionOkay so some of the hotels they might be cheaper or budget hotels but they might have more volumeSo if you talk at those ones you might not make as much moneyBut it might actually make up for that in terms of how many people actually search for thatSo less people are going to search for luxury productsBut the cost of the luxury product is gonna be higher and if you times that by 10% youre gonna make more moneyOkay. So for exampleYou know the keywords that we canWe can write down here like for exampleWhat to do in Bali okay things to do in baliRight so if you actually copy that and we actually go to the upper suggestOkay what to do in baliCan have a look like a CPC is 0.7 is not that high the competition isnt that high either? Okay soHere you can actually get different ideas for what to actually write aboutOkay so also best time to visit in Bali best hotels in Bali all sorts of things like thatSo what you can do is now you need to determine okay which keywords should you write about okay?We need to look at the competition first. So how do we do that? Right?the first thing that you want to do is check whether or not the keywords that you put in here is in the title ofThe website. Okay. So as you can see things to do in bali you know that is all in the titleThey gave things to do things to do in bali. Yes thats in title. AndYou can see whether or not you know the keywords are also in the Meta DescriptionOkay because Google actually scans peoples websites to see whether or not you knowthe content is actually related and its gonna be a huge indicator if you know their title isthat keyword there and also its in the Meta Description and whether or not you know its in theThe content itself. Okay. So then what you do is click into the content andwhat you do is do a ctrl F andYou can just do a ctrl paste paste that keyword in and you can see how many times that keyword appears on the pageOkay so you can see whether or not you know are they targeting these keywords as you can see it appears four times? Okay andThe title here normally is the heading one tagso you can right-click and inspect andYou can see that they have you know SEO optimized their website. Okay so you can take a look at all theResults here and most of these keywords are medium competition in my opinionBecause they have it in their title already. So lets say for exampleYou know you do a random search. Alright lets doMaybe things to do in Bali with the friendsScroll downandctrl-fpaste that inwithfriendsOkay so you can look at whether or not with friends actually appears inThe title or within the Meta Description so as you can see it doesnt really appearThere and also in the content it probably doesnt really appear as wellSo that will be a lower competition keyword but I dont think that many people actuallyWill actually search for something like that so you can actually do a check hereWhat you probably want to do is you want to have a decent search for?For blog keywords. So at least a thousand searches per month Id say so things are doing volley with friendsOkay so only ten searches for the United StatesSo worldwide is probably going to be maybe a hundred searches and not many people are searching for itIts quite a low competition keyword. So thats gonna be quicker for you to actually rank on GoogleSo what were gonna do is copy this keyword here. Okay copy that to clipboard and go to a website calledSemrush com so I have the link down below which gives you a 7-day free trialYou dont need your credit cardI dont think so and you can sign up for that and you can go to this home page hereOkay click on dashboard. And with this tool is gonna speed up the process of finding keywordscuz what you can basically do is if you actually click on the keyword analytics he would give a difficulty andYou can paste in the keyword that you thinkThat you want to write something about things to do in bali. You can click on sure difficultyOkay so thats gonna give you an actual difficulty to actually rank in the organic search rather than the information hereWhich gives you the CPC competition which is the adwords competition. Okay soadwords competition is an indicator but this one will give you a sort of a more accurate answer ofHow difficult it is to actually rank thatKeyword right? So 70% would be sort of medium-high and I personally thinkHonestly that will take you more than two months to rank for things to do in Bali. So this is more of a longer-termKeyword to actually rank for on your blog. So these keywords have quite a high search volumeOkay. So this is only just for United States Google. All right so there are obviously other countries as wellSo this keyword will have quite a lot of searches worldwide. So thats why its sort of difficultOkay so you know so what keywords should you target in the short term?So in the short term I personally recommend you do maybe review types of keywordsOr maybe sometimes there might be like a new product and then you can do a new product reviewOkaybecause sometimes if a new product just came out and theres a lot of hype around that product and not many people haveContent ready? Okay you can be the first one to actually create that content. Soan example of a review would be lets say you go toTripAdvisor okay so if you were a travel blogger and you knowYou you travel to Bali a lot like that. Then you click on the trouble of ranked section hereAnd this will give you a ranking of the top sort ofHotels in Bali right? So these are the top hotels in Bali andYou know a lot of people are probably you know searching around reading the reviews and stuff like thatand what theyll do is you know they probably copy this Viceroy Bali andThey might you know search that up on Google so they might do a reviewOkay so these keywords normally dont have that many people actually targeting so there are two people targeting thisBlogs and the other ones I thinkMaybe you know directory sort of web sites like TripAdvisor and stuff like thatsoThese keywords here get less searches but you know theyll rank quickerOkayso all you really need to do is create article which you know gives more value thanthis this one here and this one here and itll be quicker to actually rank for so when I actually did a search in theUber suggests. It didnt actually give theData here because I dont think you know doesnt pull that inOkay so you can actually go to goo word planner but you actually need to have an active campaignI believe so that actually show you how many searches actually gets. Alright soIt gets around fifty searches per month. So obviously there are otherUnrelated keywords. So you might get you know over 100 searches per month for that keywordOkay so its not gonna get that many searches but its gonna rank a lot quickerOkay and if you are a affiliate like for example Im pretty sure that you knowThey probably have affiliate links in the articleOkay some some dont okay but you can have an affiliate link to the booking websiteOkay so sometimes for example if you link it here to TripAdvisorThen you can get a commission for that. Okay so that might be one of your short-term keywordsSo basically you would write that down personally if I was like blogging about Bali or you know a travel bloggerIll have short term keywords medium term and longer term keywords. So normally when youre actuallybloggingIts sort of like a when youre sort of like planting the seedOkay and its gonna take a while for that you know plant all those fruits to actually growOkay so if you actually put in santorini davia I want to delete thatOkay just have it like that and Im gonna do a domain overviewOkay Im gonna select USA Google for thatYoull see that they have an organic search traffic cost of almost three hundred thousand dollarsSo if we were if they were actually to pay for Google Adwords it would cost about three hundred thousand dollars per monthso as you can see they started their blog you know in2013 and after a whileOnly I think in 2018. I started to grow like a lotOkay so they might have learnt SEO they might have learned that you know writing articles about themselves didnt workThey might have targeted moredifferent locations expanded on you knowThings like that and here you can actually see the keywords actually ranking for so you can click on view reportSo you can see which keywords actually ranking for you dont have to do it manuallyOkay so its gonna give you a ton of different ideas here. You can click on the keyword difficulty sort by thatOkay and you can also use the advanced filters here as well. So click on advanced filters so you can doFor example a search volume. Okay so its only going to showkeywords which have more thanOne thousand searches per month if we can applyor you could actuallyFilter this by you know keyword difficulty as wellSo keyword difficulty greater or less than sorryLess than fifty and then you can apply you can also add more filtersOn top of that the top of that filter. Okay so you can see also which pages are rankingSo for example Mykonos nightlife hereThis keyword here gets gets fifty searches per monthYou can click into here and you can see their article. Okay?So when youre actually creating a blog post okay?You want to create the most thorough blog post that you can for that specific keyword?Okay so imagine that you were I think a lot of peopleImagine you know blogging or online business. ItsIts different from offline businessesBut its actually the same right the more value you provide the the more money that youre gonna make alrightSo for example if you were to open a restaurant in this specific area okay there are alreadyten restaurantsWhich have this large fries for ten dollars and here is you so you want to sell this fries for ten dollarsbut your content is like veryThin so you have like you know not very in-depth content and you think you want to rankLike its not gonna workrightSo youre gonna have to provide more value so you can have a bigger fried-rice here and perhaps even sell for cheaperThen people will actually startRecommending that restaurant its the same thing with online with your blog postrightif you provide more value in your blog post then although bloggers will actually link to you andYoull actually have more backlinks to your website and then youll start ranking for your blog right?So you definitely want to create more value?in terms ofYou know your blog post and things like that for me personally for each blog post. I would target sort of onePrimary keyword. So lets just say Im gonna target this as a long-term keyword right?So for example things to do in Bali this is going to be my primary keywordSo normally for one blog postIll target one primary keyword and one secondary. So secondary keyword will be something very very similar. Sothings to do in BaliIndonesia okay. So this is the second and then what you do is youd writethe blog postOkay so this could be a list or whatever it is. And then youCan go through the ubersuggest and then you can doOops lets do a refresh hereAnd then you can do things to do in BaliOkay click on lookup so what were trying to do here is were gonna try and incorporatesome of theRelated keywords all within one article. Alright. So for example best time to visit in BaliIs that related?Perhaps okay so you could copy thatFor example things to do in bali so best beachesAnd lets see this timeOkay some of these ones can be actually individual blog posts as wellBut some of them you can actually incorporate within the article so theyre going to start rankingIn Google long term okay. So for example best things to do in bali right?So if youre writing about things to do in bali you can include the keyword best within your articleOkay so when google when someone place does a Google search for best thing to do in BaliYoure more likely to start ranking for this keyword as well because youve got best within your article right? SoLets have a look hereBest places in Bali. Okay soexampleOkay for example you would include places in BaliOkay you dont have to include it like sort of you know you dont have to force it. You know what I mean?So basically once you write your article you can see where we can actually fit these things in if you dont have them alreadyAlright. So for example imagine this when youre writing a blog post imagine that is the actualLets say a cooking pasta or something like that right?So you cook the pasta first and then you actually you know add the seasoning like the salt and the pepperOkay so imagine this as the salt and the pepper you just want to add a little bitOkay where its natural if you add too much theres gonna be too saltyBut for search engines if you add too much youre gonna be over optimizing it and its not gonna look goodFor people to actually read. Okay and you want to create content for the user?Okay not for search engines. So Google actually states thatSomewhere but Im not gonna show you right now. So you know it lists all these things here must do in BaliThings like that and you can incorporate withinthis one blog postokay so you can cover all these different keywords andOver time for example youll be you know ranking for all these random keywords as you can see you know santorinidave doesso right now Im gonna go through e-commerce SEO so ecommerce SEOI think its normally more competitive because youre targeting buyerkeywords andYou know when youre actually doing e-commerce research and any keyword research is not really black and whiteIts more gray and you can sorta just it to what you need and what you actually sell and you knowHow you actually want to position your business and things like that. SoIm just gonna take an example. For example a a I wanted to start a iPhoneanything the iPhone accessory so Im gonna do some research for iPhone accessories and you know seeSee the landscape and see what I can actually do see which keywords that I actually want to target by looking at the metricsSo maybe you can get some ideas on how to do yours as well right?So I want to sell iPhone accessories and this is probably the first thing that I would want to you knowSearch up on Google. So Ill do I phone accessories because I want to look at you know what areMy competitors doing for the keywords for their category pages homepage. Also their product pages right?So I want to look at you know what theyre currently selling and seeing what the opportunity is. Okay becauseYou knowIf you just go into a niche when youre brand new into a niche where a lot of people are alreadyDominating then maybe you can find something that you knownot many people are selling but there is decent search volume and then you can focus in onLets say iPhone cases might be a fairly you know saturated niche where theres a lot of competitorsbut you know we can maybe find something else which has to do with iPhone accessories or some kind ofaccessories for your phone andWe can seeyou know what we can actually target for the short term for ranking and maybeYou know for the long term you can start ranking for iPhone casesAll right so you know Ill just look through everything here. Like for example I would jot down everythingIll open up a text padLets just change the sizeYou know phone cases Ill just quickly write all these things downwired phoneChargesYouve got mountsYou got Bluetooth headsetsWhat else have we gotYeah I think thats thats all we need. OkaySo those are all the things that you know are related to what I want to sellOkay maybe I dont want to sell speaker phones and I dont want to you knowPut that in. Okay because its not a product fit. Okay?So once we have that then what we can do is we can copy that and then we can go toBuber suggest so lets go to bursa. Jest. Okay type that into GoogleIts a free keyword tool its probably notSometimes it doesnt work as well as a Google Keyword planner but with Google Keyword planner you need to actually have an active accountSo when you actually doing keyword research you want to start off locally or wherever you sell. Okay soFrom experience you know if youre starting off an e-commerce store you havent started yetI recommend starting off locally first and then expanding because you know there are a lot of taxesYou know customs and all those sort of things when youre still international. So and you also get morePreference in ranking as well. Okay so weve got the keywords here thrown caseswhat I want to do is maybe do lets do ourphoneMounts okay so wed get some keyword ideas to see you knowWhat is the search volume for this specific keyword and also maybe can I can get some other ideas for the other things as well?Okay because right now we want to do just a broad keyword research to see you knowWhat categories are we gonna target and things like that?So here this is the search volume per month. CPC is cost per click. SoFor people who are advertising on Adwords if people actually click into the AdWordsResult then they have to pay Google1.34. Okay this gives an indication how competitive the landscape is for organic searchBut its not a accurate one because this is for the competition for the AdWords but normally if its more expensive thenIt would mean that the organic will be quite competitive right because the organic search is freeOkay so were gonna search by the volume hereGenerally what I look for isAnything above you know 100 searches okayIt really depends on the niche but it also depends on you know maybe sometimes you can actually you knowPut two keywords together. Okay and they all add up to about a thousand searchesOkay so you know sometimes when its below that then you knowI might just take note of that and I might put the keyword into hereBecause you know when youre actually looking at all these keywordsYou want to try and group them together right? So for example you know youre looking at iPhone car. Hold onOkay so lets have a lookiPhone car holderum youve gotMagnetic phone holderSo we want to sort of group these together this might just copy thatFormat for car IPhone car holder do I have that ready? Yep. Weve also got Ive heard commentsWeve also got Ive heard mounts for cars soIm gonna go filter just by with keywords which which have iPhone in them. Okay lets have a look. IFurred tripod mounts I prefer mounts for tripodsOkay so you can start looking at you knowWhat products you could actually sell so we want to check the landscape for all these keywords?So I put mounts for tripod weve also got mounting iPhone on tripodIPhone car cradleYou sort of want to jot these down because you knowYou can actually use these keywords within sort of one page or one categoryYou just you know have to have that keyword within the descriptionOr the body of that page so that when google scans your page then okay then and they can see thatThese keywords are related to what the user is searching for so you can start ranking for longtail keywords. Okay so here of GodOkay so got specificspecific modelsOkaySo how much is do you like?seven eightXOkay so I look through here best offer and hold up for car. Okay sometimes when you see keywords like thisOkay these ones areMore informational keywords right so informational these are good for blog postOkay and blog posts are important for an e-commerce store because you can drive you know more brand awareness to your storenormally people would link to blog post andThere are quite a few keywords which have really high search volume as wellso you can build a lot of brand awareness and you can actuallyUse that blog post and link it back to your product. Okay becauseNormally people arent going to link to your product directly right unless you are a affiliate and normally that wont be a nofollow link anywayNormally people will link to like a resource sort of page. Okay. So what you can do is you can have that blog post andCan get links for that blog post and then you can transfer that link juice to your product pagesOkay and over time its gonna help your overall site Authority and help it actually rank. Okay for the more competitive keywordsSo theres so many different keywords here. You want to jot them down and sort of get an ideaokay so Im gonna target lets sayIPhone con. Hold on. Okay lets just start from the top andYou can actually just do a normal Google search so Im gonna show you the manual method firstSo you want to look through and you want to do a ctrl F taste that in? Okay soTo see how competitive it is. We can check the title. Like do people actually include iPhone car holders in the title of the websiteOkayso not that many okay but they do havedifferent variations of that withintheirtheir title and also their descriptionTo me doesnt look that competitive. I would say it would be a low low to mediumCompetitiveness. Im just from you know looking at the title looking at the descriptions and things like thatIm gonna click into some of them. So you want to have a look as wellOkay just have a little sneak peekOkay so this is a more of a blog postThis one is a local website in AustraliaOkay it doesnt look too badOkay. This one looks pretty goodwhich I really like so Im gonnaSave this URL here. Okay so when youre actually doing keyword research its more of a overallResearch as well. You want to look at this strategy as well and get inspiration? Okay so you know look through hereOkay its an eBay pageAnd if you actually look at the eBay listingsLike you can also give you some ideas of what keywords to target as well like magnets karhold amounts. Okay andhereThis one is a bit all over the place. But you know its a its not a like an eBay type of websiteSo Im gonna copy that down as wellalright soWhat you can also do is download the Moz bar and create a free account and thats going to give youThe page or authority and also domain authority of each pageOkay so you can actually look throughNormally I like to look for you knowPage authority of around 30 or so domain authority around 30 or so. Okay. So these ones all quite highbutThis one here is quite low okay eighteen okay so that gives mesome idea ofYou know whether or not I can rank that or not but it does have a few backlinks to that pageOkay so my guess is that this this one is a bit new this websiteThese ones are quite oldOkay page Authority of 30Okay so it does look I say you know medium competition Id say okay just from the look of it. SoThis might be a potentialKeyword to target right? So what you can also do isGo to a website called SM rush. I have a link down below and that gives you a 7-day free trialSo sign up for that so weve got someCompetitors websites here as well. So we get the competitors website and we can actually plug it into hereYou want to delete the front section like that? Okay and the dot click on search?so whats good about this isYou get all the keywords that your competitors are actually ranking for and you actually get the keywords which is bringing them the trafficOkay so you want to search for?Local okay. So for example Im in Australia and you want to scroll down to the top organic keyword sectionClick on view report and you can see all the keywords that theyre actually ranking forSo this is also going to give you even more ideas right? So theyre ranking for iPad standSo Im gonna drop them down. Okay so this is like a really really broad research face. So Ive hadStand and I fernTripod okay. So these ones are getting decent amount of searches and its getting quite a lot of traffic to those pages as wellso youve also gotIve heardbymountsYouve also got iPad car headdress new mounts here. Theres a copy try to copy thatOkay andWhat you can actually do is you can actually see what page they actually have for these ones as well. So iPad standWere gonna click into thatthe iPhone tripodOkayClick into that as wellIPad tripod mounts. Okay so Im assuming that one actually links to the same same URLOkay so those ones are both the sameOkay it looks right hereOkay so there are link king. They getting quite a lot ofsearches for the iPad Cobb mounts and also the the tripodsOkay so it actually looks like you know theyve actually thought about the SEO strategy when in terms of rankingOkay because if you actually look at the website here they actually target the keyword. They actually have oneproduct page rather than having like a huge listing and I think this is quite smart becauseYou know for example this one hereThis sells every single thing and you dont know which one to pick right?It just looked way too confusing but this one is very very targetedSo Im guessing this one will convert much higher and you can you can create contentTargeting specific keywords okaywithin thatSo while looking at that?OkayThen what we can do is get the iPad stand. Okay andI like to use a tool called kW finder. Okay the is also below as well. So as you can see Ive checked that outDo a search for iPad stand again in AustraliaSo it gives a ranking of 37 out a hundred which is still easy to rankOk so that might be a potential you know product that I want a manufacturer or a productThat I want a source. Ok because I can actually rank for that keywordSometimes you might want to target like iPad cases or iPhone cases you know those ones are probably more competitive. Soso you can still target those but you just have to have a longer time perspective right so you cantarget these ones first for a short term short to medium term andThen you can work on the more competitive ones like iPad cases and things like thatSo for example iPad stands you sorta also want to jot down all the keywords as well. Right? Its like for exampleIPad stand might be my primary keywordokay but within that article you might want to include some secondary keywords as well right soSecondary keywords might be let so look Ive had stand Holder might be oneMaybe you know iPad proYou know MiniTrueit depends it really depends cuz you want to figure out do you actually want to have one iPad stand orDo you want to have an iPad stand for each model and target each model? So we have to look at thatBest so you might include the keyword best within there some somewhereLets have a lookYou can also filter by search as well here. Okay. So lets just say thats thats one one pageall right so thats for one page andWhat you can do is you can eitherCreate a categoryOkay. So for example okay so youve got lets say this is your homepage andYouve got different categories hereso C for categoryOkay and what you can do is you can have the category called iPad standsSo this one might be iPad andThen within that category youll have different variations of that standokay so you might have a stand for theiPad proso iPad pro you might have one for the mini orYou might want to have you might have one for the air or you could just have for example iPad stands as the productItself like right here. Okay andFor example right here. Okay iPad pivot stand and it will actually suit sort of any any iPadokay becauseThis one here. You just need to put that onto the thing. You just need to get theThe actual casing for it and then you can fit it on to anyone right?so as you can see here on the back okay so you probably need acasing for that andThis stand hereIt just connects to the back so it can fit any iPadSo you can just target that as a you know as a products itselfokay so it really depends on what strategy you want to do but I like this strategy becauseYou know if you have you know hundreds and hundreds of different productsits going to be quite hard to write unique descriptions andto really beat theCompetition in terms of the content that you have on the page and also the sales page because you are hundreds of description to doOkay so lets go and look at our iPhonecar mountsOkay this ones really good as wellThis one looks really goodOkay so as you can see theyve got the case and theyve got the I think that is a magnetic probablyOkay so its a magneticSo you can work on any iPhone. Okay so as you can see theyve got content sections hereTargeting keywords. Okay. So for example what I saw wasYou know theres also different keywords here. For example lets do I pad standsOkay Ive had stands and then do a lookup. Okay gets about three thousand searches per monthhere were going toFilter it by iPad stand. Okay. Okay so there is also I pad stands for bedThats what people are searching for iPad stand on bed iPad stands for bedOkay so theres a lot of people who are looking for iPad stands for bedThat they can use in bed or Ive had stand for a point-of-sale machineso so what you can actually do is youCan have that within that product page as well okay so iPad stand for point of saleIPad stand for bed like if your products can actually solve that need so you can be used for a point-of-sale machine orIt can you be used for bed then you might want to target that as a whole entire page. Okay?So for example here in your description here you might have you knowyou can use this embed as well again have a picture of someone using it in bed andHaving a description here. Okay or you can target itindividually okay so lets just do aGoogle search so iPad stands for bedSo you can click into the first results have a lookOkay okay Im gonna check the competitiveness for this keyboardGive it a little suchKate so its hot a little bit hotter iPad. Hold off the bed. Lets do it search volume hereTell lookOkay so its still possibleBased on the results here. So a lot of Amazon listingsOkay so I think its still possible Kindle holder for bed watch iPad in bed table mount for bedAll these are really important for longtail keyword searches okay so you might want to jot down whatever is relevant to what product youre sellingBecause you know when youre writing in description you can include that within there because its gonna start ranking for those keywords as wellokay soLets do a ipod stands for point of saleDo a quick little search okay so this ones a little bit easier soLets do our parts Ive had stand for point of saleOkay so that looks easy to do okay so this one probably doesnt have that many searchesLets have a lookSee if it actually use aNumber here. If not you might want to check out Google Adwords KeywordplannerOkay so about a hundred and seventy searches per per month you know thats not too bad. Maybe you could have a look hereIm gonna filter a by point of sale okay?Okay so iPad point-of-sale iPad point-of-sale system iPad stand for point of sale. Lets have a lookOkay iPod stand for point of saleOkay this one hereSo that might be the primary you might have a secondary keyword I pad point yourself hold onOkay if you add all these up you might come up to quite a few hundred searches per monthso it might be worth you know creating a specific product forPoint of sales. Okay iPad Mini point-of-saleYou know so so that might be a keyword as well Ive had stands for point of saleOkay and then you might have one Ive had stands for bitOkaySo lets do this in here lets find some secondary keywords for thisIll get into thereso it does take some time to actuallyYou know think and research you sort of have to dig through the data and sort of use your use your you knowCommon sense of what you can actually do and you know what strategies you can actually use iPod stands for bedthats not too bad two hundred searches andLets just do filter by results. Were gonna goso Ive gotIPod stands but bed. Weve also got iPad holder for bedThis ones a little bit more searches okay so its gonna put it into hereDo a little search okay so probably a little bit more competitive than iPod Stanford bed because it does get more searches as wellSo were gonna go back here. SoIPod stand and iPod stands tablet holder for bed okayYou might want to jot that down as well because you might include you know tablet within the article within the description. SorryIve had bed stand AustraliaOkayThats not too bad. You might include Australia like you might be like okay. Were an Australian based company and things like that. IBought a whole bed tablet stand for bedOkay so these are all importantOkay so people are searching for you know watching movies in bed so this is gonna give you an idea ofThe sort of description that you want to writeOkay so you might have someone watching a movie or Netflix in bed using the iPad stand?Okay because this is what people want to do with it. Okay?So thats an important thing to knowWe can actually look for okay for better so far. Okay so you can alsoInclude sofa in there like you can tell them that okay not only you can use it for bedBut you can also use it on the sofa as wellLets seeFlexible tablet holder for bedYeah so hopefully you get an idea of okay reading as well. So reading in bed. So thats what they want to doOkay hopefully get an idea of how to do that research. And for example I started fromvery broad you know iPhone accessories andThen I started getting a little bit more in-depth. Okay then I sort of found outOkay these are some of the competitors or some competitorsWhich I really like which are similar size to me because Im not gonna try and compete with Amazon right?So now I found you know three different keywords which I sort of want to target iPad standsiPad stands for point of saleiPad stands for bedSo maybe I might create a specific category for thisOkay like iPods iPad stands and then I have specific product for each you know use okay?Because for bed its a little bit different. Okay so you might want to like for exampleLets do I better stand for bed. OkayIts sort of like that connected but normally a point of sale is normallyConnected just to the table. Okay so theyre different products if we actually draw it out. Okay iPad standsWeve got iPad stands forbed andRub this out. This one is for point of saleLike that and then you could have different categories here as well. Okay so this one might be you know iPhoneComm outsyou know you might have that asOne product which can be suited for all high phonesokay or you can have iPhone compounds as the category and then you can haveSpecific ones for each model. Okay. So iPhone comments you might have ones whichJust connect to the event of the event and you might have one that connects to the D windowOkayYou might have some kind of rotatable 360 rotatable oneOkaySomething like thatokay soThat is pretty much how I do keyword research I used uberSuggest okay as has sort of expanding my ideas and also looking for longtail keywords. So this tool is for free andthen I also useKW finder to check the keyword difficulty. I think this one is the best to use. Its like very easy to understandokay so as you can see here andYou can actually click into each one and theyll take you to the page so you can see you knowWhether or not you can beat it or not sometimesYou know a lot of times that you might have competitors which are targeting the same keywords. Thats fineJust have it longer time horizon for it. Alright so SEM rush which is this one hereThis one is really good to actuallylook at aCompetitor which is bigger than you but like not too big like Amazon or something like that and you can actually see which keywords areworking for them andHow theyve created their and structured their pages so its gonna give you a really really good ideaAnd for example this one here this one here is a bit messyYou know if you look at it its just all over the place. Im not sure if maybe theyre trying to target you knowLike different keywords for each different product but for metheres just way too hard to actually pick up products and I guess I dont like that one andWhat you can actually do is you can on competitorsYou can see what competitors they have. Okay so these are some similar competitors. So for example they haveA cron Im not quite sure what that one isSo you can click into these ones and you know have a look atWhat keywords these people are ranking for? Okay so a cron calm lets just do a quick little lookSo you might find competitors which didnt really even know existed okay so this one is rock form Ithink these ones might be quite new andNormally up here. Youll find the really good categoryKeywords to target because you want to target things which people actually searching for so normally people have already done that for youIm just by looking up here. You dont want to go random. Okay and you dont want to go and target keywords which isYou know way too competitive. Okay you can but you just have to have a longer time horizon. Okay?So lets have a lookOkay so thats gonna give you some more ideas of what you can actually target and you can do keyword research for each of thesedifferent keywordsOkayAnd you sort of want to have a primary keyword and then you sort of want to have some several secondary keywordsAnd you sort of want to also look for things which people are searching for so you can actually include that in the descriptionOkaySo its gonna help you sell more because people are lookingTo have an iPod iPad stand in their bed so they can watch a movieSo you can show people watching a movie in bed or reading in bed and thats gonna help you convert and make salesOkay so thats pretty much it for ecommerce keyword research. The links are down below for the things I actually use nowIm gonna be covering on-page SEO and actually how to use yours SEO and optimize your pages on pageOkay so now Im gonna show you how to optimizeyour website using the keywords that we have found for our local website ourBlogging website and also for a ecommerce store okaySo the first thing that youll need to do is if youre using WordPress is we need to actually downloadand install a plug-in called Yoast so you want to go back to the dashboard of your website andYou want to click on plugins?Then what you want to do is you want to click on add new and then you want to search for Yoast andYou want to install that plug-in?Okay and once youve installed it then you need to activate itOnce youve done that and then you should have installed your yours plug-in which is hereOkay then we can go to general. So this is the plug-in and I can show you how to configure itSo I click on the open configuration wizard again and then here you can configure it just by clicking thatoption aselected click on next so select what type of website that youre running you might be a blog an online shop or asmall offline business or you can selectSomething else. Okay. So Im gonna select this one now click on next and thenHere just put your name doesnt really matter click on nextok so here you can actually put in your social media profiles as well if you have them andOnce youve done that click on next here generally Ill leave everything as default. SoWhat is asking you is do you want search engines to actually show your blog post pages?This is something to do with the theme layouts. I dont want that to be shownOkay so that will be known and know and products. I want it to be. Yes. Ok. Click on next hereDo you have multiple authors?So for example WordPress you can actually have you know different people managing your website and then if you do then you can selectYes but Im gonna select no for now. Click on next hereWhat you want to do is you want to connect it with the Google search console. SoBasically what youll need to do is you will need to add your website to the search console and then you need to authenticate itok soBasically were gonna open this in a new tab. Ok here is instructions on how to do itSo click on Google search console. And then what you want to do is you want to add a propertyOkay so were gonna copy over our URL herePaste it in there. Okay so if Ive actually installed the WordPress onThis extension. Okay because Ive actually got something on the main domainSo normally yours one would be your name comm again click on add and then it basically needs you to actually verify the ownershipOkay. So what you can actually do is you can download this HTML file andWhat you need to do is youll need to actually upload the file to your website serversOkaySo you need to do this by actually going into your cpanel and uploading this file there or you can click on alternate methodsOkay so you can actually add a meta tag to your sites home page. Alright so what you can do is click on that andthen for example here copy the meta tag below so Im gonna copy that andYou want to go to the head section of your website or before the first body section of your website and then click on?verify ok once youve actually done that soWhat were gonna do is Im actually going to goTo my dashboard so Im gonna copy that open that in a new tabHead to the dashboard section and what you want to do is for example my theme and normally for most peoples websitesYou click on the theme settings and normally in the theme settings youre able to actually add in the header codeOkay so look for that wherever it isokay and then you can go back here copy that and thenYou can paste that in okayand then click on save right or youll have to go to I think appearance and then you have to go tocustomize or editorbut when you actually do that when you actually update the theme it might actually override it so you might need toCreate a child theme or something like that so we can go toThe header I thinkNot quite sure because I normally just put it intoThere. Okay. So as you can see here the head sectionHere and here I put in the code into there. Okay sirBecause Ive already saved it in my theme settings and its gonna appear hereBut this is where you can paste it in for yourself if you dont have that actual section on your website. All rightOnce again youve done that then you can go to here and click on verifyHopefully that has been verified and then you can click on continueso with your actual search console its gonna take a while toUpdate everything. Okay. So what its gonna do its also going to give you basically you know what?Keywords people are typing in to actually reach your website so you can actually optimize your pages even moreOkay select your profile click on next here. Your website name is gonna be your brand nameSo Im gonna call it logo for now the title separator. This is basically IMean lets just go the iconicOkay so this is a ecommerce store. So this is the separator so they use a lineSome websites. They use lines some web sites. They use lets say maybe lets go to Apple and see what they useandSee okay. So for example Wikipedia they just use a dash. So its really up to you. It doesnt really matterClick on next and here you can sign up for any updates and things like thatIm not gonna sign up and then Im gonna click on nextOkay here Im gonna click on next and basically youve done the basic optimizations for it. Okay so were actually gonnaOptimize it even further for each page. So were gonna close. So what were gonna do is optimize our homepageso Im gonna click on pages andThen Im gonna select my homepage here. So Im gonna click into my homepageOkay. So right now Im actually using the themify builderSo you might be using a different theme but you should have this yo section below when you actually scroll down hereSo for example my target keyword is going to be carpet cleaning in MelbourneWhat you want to do is you want to edit that snippet?So you want to have your title as close as to the front as possible?okay sometimes its not possible especially if its like a blog post you know ifIt is a blog post and it doesnt really matter. You can have some keywords in frontBut if its like carpet cleaning in Melbourne and you can have there then have it in frontOkay rather than having your your brand name at the front. So thats what you want to do firstAll right. So I put a separator here and I also put fast same-day serviceSo when you actually do SEO title you want people to actually click into it as well. So thats why I added fast same-day serviceYou want to look at maybe the top ten so lets do carpetsCleaning inMelbourne and you want to scroll through the results?Okay so you dont really want the same as everyone else because if its the same then you knowWhy are people gonna click into your one? Okay so I really like this one get a free pretreatmentSo it makes it sort of clickableOkay so its gonna give you a higher click-through rate and in turn its gonna rank you higherOkayEspecially if if people click into it and they actually stay for a long timeThen its gonna increase your rankingSo you do want to put in something that you know?People are gonna click on so for example these ones here three rooms for $56. Thats really goodOkay so we want to differentiate a little bitMy one is gonna be fast same-day service and I used the keyword service as well because you know carpet cleaningServices is also a keyword which also gets quite a few searchesEvery month this is my main keywordokay so I want to include something that someone might search for and Google might start ranking me for okay sohere for your Meta DescriptionYou do want to include the keyword in here as wellIt doesnt have to be exactBut you also again you also want to make sure that this one is optimized for people to actually click into alrightSo a good way to do it is if you actually go hereNormally youll see some Google Adwords up here. Alright so these ones are really really optimizedSo as you can see you can take some inspiration from here people have got free quotes40% off its free things like that. Call usSo you want to take some inspiration use some of the keywords and include it into your own Meta Description?While also having your keyword in here okay?So thats really important and you can also put in your focus keyword in here. Okay soWhen you actually put your focus keyword in here the Yoast plug-in will actually help you try to you knowOptimize and it will go through its own checklist and itll help you optimize it okaySo as you can see it says the focus keyword doesnt appear in the first paragraph of the copyOkay. So on the actual content of the website we havent actually added that toThe first paragraph. Okay. You dont have to get every single one correct?But try to get like 80 to 90% of them optimizedso once youve actually done that okay so you can actually lets click into the home page and see to see how Ive actuallyStructured it. All rightso what you do want to do is you want to also make sure that ifYou have a URL here. You want to check your permalink? So lets go to the dashboard section again andLets just say lets just say we hover over here and click onThis one here upholstery cleaning okay you want thekeyword in the sort of the URL structure as wellOkay so to make sure that is set in you want to make sure that youve set the permalinks on in WordPressokay so hover over settings click on permalinks andWhat you want to do is you want to select post name here. So it actually includes thepost and also the page title within the URLOkay you dont want something like equals P equals one two three because if people are looking through that onThe search engines its not going to be very clean. So were gonna go back hereLets go back to our home page and make sure you set that in and click on Save ChangesSo the next thing you want to do is for your main keyword you want to set that in as your heading one tag?okay so Im actually using athemify builder and its a drag-and-drop builder but most cases that you should be using aFront-end builder these days. Anyway like Elementor or anything like thatAnyways what you want to do is you want to make sure that the it sets heading 1 okayso as I said before Google is actually going to scan your website and the heading 1 tag isOne of the most important tags it tells Google what this is it going to be aboutOkay so if you actually go to text tap here its wrapped in the heading one tagalrightso thats the first thing that you want to do andThen you want to sort of include keywords within the text of the websiteso what weve actually got here isOkay this is the document that I typed up here beforemy target keyword is carpet cleaning in Melbourne andmy secondary keywords are you know carpet cleaning services and couple cleaning services in Melbourne andAlso I want to include carpet cleaners as well. Okay becausesometimes when people are searching theyre searching for theyre using different keywords andif Im including some of these cleanerKeywords in here and also adding in like cheapest quality experts best affordableThese are some of the things that people are searching for as wellSo over time its gonna start ranking for you knowCheap carpet cleaning services in Melbourne as well because youve actually got that keyword within the content itselfOkay you do you do want to do it like really naturally okayso what you want to do is you want to write out everything as you would if youreExplaining your services to a friend or something like that. And then you want to sort of sprinkle the keywords in here right?So as you can see here its very natural. Right so carpet cleaning in MelbourneThis one is you know we ensure your cupboards are clean fresh and staying free at it at an affordable cost. Its very naturalIts not very forced. Like Im Im not trying to keyword stuff it in hereIts very natural when youre scrolling down it lists the services hereokay so I used the title cobble cleaning services and I also try toJust write it out first. Okay once youve write it out then you can adjust itSo write that out first you can also include a process here and then you know if Ive included here for exampleYoull see thatWe give our best competitive quote okay so Ive got that keyword best in thereWeve also got experts in there and things like that. Okay so scrolling down hereOkay you want to include maybe some testimonials so for that I included rated one of Melbourne cheapest qualityCarpet cleaners. So that is another keyword that I added in andThe testimonials that you add on your website they also count that as well. Okay. So Google is gonnaLook at your page source code. Okay and scan the content on your website right?Then you want to scroll downwhat I like to do for a local website is definitely have a call to action on the bottom because you know once people areHappy with what they seeThen you want to include a call to action where they you know give you a free quote or call youthats going to help with yourSort of usability ratings. So if we actually go here you want to scroll down hereYou also want to include your contact detailsNormally in the footer section or you can also have have it in your header section hereYou also want to have your address and emailokay so I like to put it in the foot up because thats gonna appear on every single page and its gonna allow people toespecially for a local website allow people to know where you actually locate it really easily thats gonna increase the user experience right andnormally I have my footer down here andNormally if you have different services you want to have the services on the top like that in a drop-down you want your website to?Be easy to navigate for people okay?So these are all my main keywords which Im targeting as well and Ive included them up here. Okay?Ive also included links to them on the home pageso this is called internal linking andThat basically is not only gonna help you know the customers to browse through specific sectionsBut it also tells Google thats that youre also linking to other pages. Which givesSort of link juice to these other pages and itll help these other pages rank highly as well. So Im not really quite sureIf you understand that properly because if you actually have a home pagerightA lot of people are viewing that home page and some people are linking to that homepage for example on local directoriesYour homepage is going to have a lot of link juice. Okay you want to pass that link juice down totheSecondary keywords which you are targeting for example these other pagesOkay and that in turn is going to help these websites also rank higherokay because when you actuallyYou know building backlinks when youre actually putting it into local directory websites or any other websitesYoure probably most likely going to put your homepage right rather than rather than this upholstery cleaning page right?So this pages doesnt have much link juice. SoThis one has a lot of link juice. You want to pass it down?Okay so thats one of the ways you can do it and that is pretty much it. SoSome other things that you want to also want to do is lets say if you have some images on your pageright if you have images on your page lets justfor exampleClick on the options hereStyling background. Alright so you also want to name your images as well. Okay. So for example IUploaded this image this background image. And before I uploaded it. I actually named itOkay I named it Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne. OkaySo Google is also going to scan that as well because Google cant really read what your image is about. At least not yetSo when you actually put in you know this as your file nameThen Google will sort of know and understand what your website is aboutOkay so thats what you want to do. If you actually lets say if you have lets say just have a normal pictureAll right so lets drop in a image module hereWhat you can also do is you can also add an image alt tagso whatever this image is it might be lets saysomeone cleaning thecarpet so it might beCarpet dry cleaning or something like that. Okay andGoogle will also look at the keyword for your old tag as wellSo you want to put in any related keywords in here which is related to that image as wellso if its like aYou know a dry cleaning sort of image you want to put something related to that. You dont want to be like something roundokay so make sure that is done andWhat you also want to do is you want to make sure that you do have you know a unique selling proposition as wellOkay not only do you want to optimize your website you you actually want to sell people?okay so thats why its important to have your processes testimonials andEverything like that. Okay so you dont really have to have everything perfect. Okay becauseGoogle will sort of scan your website and theyll understand what your website is aboutOkay so its sort of like as I said before its like you knowOnce you have - once you have written the content then you addAnd sprinkle your website with these keywords like dont overdo itOkay if you overdo it its like salt its gonna become too salty and its not gonna be goodSo that is pretty much it for the on-page SEO for local websites. OkayIts very similar for a blogger and also an ecommerce store. But I also go through that as wellSo lets go through that. Im gonna close this. Now. What you want to do is you want to add a blog post?Okay so I already added a blog post things to do in BaliOkay so this is the blog post hereAll right. So Ive just got some lorem ipsum text but Ill sort of show you how to optimize it properlyAll right. So youve got your image here. Youve got your title here. All themes are sort of differentThis is what mine looks likeso what were going to do is click on edit post and thats going to take you to the back end section here andThis is where actually add in content. All rightSo the first thing that were gonna look at is adding in the title right?So your target keyword might be things to do in BaliOkay and if you actually do a search for that on lets say GoogleThings to do in Bali. Okay you dont enterYoure gonna see all these different tiles here okay andNormally its not just like things to do in Bali. Its like top thingsIts like the best things you want to make something differentAll rightYou want to make an article which is different because if its the same then why are people gonna click into your one right?so to do that I keep the key word here and I look at the competition so I might do like20maybe amazing orAwesome like if someones got amazing so I might do 21 awesome things to do in Bali IndonesiaOk Indonesia is this one is gonna be my secondary keyword. Okay andOnce you had that then you want to make sure your permalink is things to do in bali or something like thatOkay sometimes its not edited. You can actually click on edit and make sure it has something to do with your title hereOkay you dont have to have the exact same one because thats gonna look too spammy. Okay so I like it like thisOkay so if my title is 21 awesome things to do in bali indonesiaThen the title can be just like that right? It doesnt have to be 21 awesome things againOkay click on okay then you want to scroll down?Now for your content section what you--what do you want to do is you want to scroll down first?All right to the bottom. Okay to the Yoast SEO and you can put in your focus keywordSo your focus keyword might be things to do in Balialright and hereYoull have the improvements and also some problems of what you actually need to doright so you can actually go up here andthe first thing that you normally want to do is include the keyword within theThe first paragraph. Okay so you might be like you knowin this postIll be giving you my top 21Awesome things to do in Bali IndonesiaOkay Im not gonna go through like how to actually write okay Im just showing you thatOnce you actually make some changes here then normally its going to update here as wellOkaySo as you can see the focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copySo you can sort of follow all these different improvements and also the problems hereOkay so as you can see the exact match keyword density is too low. Okay so I havent actuallyCreate the article yet. But you know once Ive actually written out then it should be quite decentSo that shouldnt be a problem the Meta Description. We havent done that yet. Okay internal links. Ill show that laterwere gonna go up here andHere you want to edit the Meta Description right? You can click on edit snippet andYou can delete these things and actually edit it sort of manuallyYou can delete it if you want to but Im gonna keep it as is so this is basically the defaultOkay so its going to take the title of the page and then put the separator there and then youve got the site titleWhich is the logo right?So you want to change the Meta Description here again you want to sort of change something different to what you actually see hereBut you also want to try and include the keyword in there as well. Okay so it might be likeIts gonna take some time so let me think thinking of visiting BaliDont go before you read thisamazingGuide for the best 21 things to do inBali IndonesiaAnd then maybeRead more here or something like thatOkaySo I think you were goingThinking of visiting Bali dont go before you read this amazing guide for the best 21 things to do in BaliSo Ive included the keyword in there. You dont have to have it exactlyAgain but try to include a variation of itOkay so when youve actually done your keyword research right you should have you know other keywordsWhich you can actually include in the Meta Description as wellokay so Ive included Indonesia there as well because thats my secondary keyword sort of andhere internal links so internal links isbecause you know if youre writing an article you can actually do internal links by clicking on this thing clicking on the Settings here andYou can link it to existing contentokay so if you actually have a lets say you might be likeYou know referring to like the best hotels in Bali right? You have an article about thatSo you want to link it to that right?Because its gonna help the user as well and its not also gonna tell Google that you knowYour page is quite a good resource especially if its linking out to external pages as wellYou dont want to just link to your own blog post right? You want to link to whatever is useful for the user?Okay you dont want to overdo it?But you know you want to try include some okay. So once youve done that then that would be fixed as well andAs you can see this is no app out links. Okay when you actually put in a bound links then this will beTicked okayFor the images here. Okay what you want to do is once you actually add in a featured image lets say this one hereIve also named this image as well. So this one is barley rice fields. Ive named it. Okay because that is a rice fieldI believe and you can also include it alt text here. So maybe this one is you know person inBali rice fieldsOkay and then click on set featured image now you dont really have to have it exactly like things to do in baliYoure gonna add in some more images. Anyway like here. Yeah can act in media andThen media library so I might add in this onethe alt text a we do likeThings to do in bali now this is gonna tick itOkay so im gonna insert that into the post as in a full-size insert to postOkay when you actually done that then this should also be ticked off as well okayHere and you can just follow each of these things. So we actually optimize your website. Its really easyYou do want to add in a category and also some tags as well to also add in some moreDepth to your article you want to add in pictures videos you knowIf you have some quotes or anything like that or if you have some like tipsyou do want to put that into like a nice littleSort of if you actually go to a website call. Lets sayNeil Patelyou can see that hes really good at writing blog posts so he can go to his blog andIm gonna go and lets say lets click on my bad. This one hereSo if you scroll down hereHes using heading twos here okay Im pretty sure thats a heading two maybe or heading threeOkay it gets a heading twoRight so you want to make sure you have sub headlines in your blog post as well. Its going downHes got you know external links as well to his digital agency websiteHere hes got images to describe you know what hes talking about but lets just see if he has a tipOkay I cant really find it but you sort of get the picture right hes got imagesDescribe what hes talking about and thats what you should have on your blog post. You want to make it asin-depth as possibleOkay you want to make it the best resource that people can find?OkayBecause if you dont then why are people gonna link to your website?You want it to be the best resource?so people will share it with their friends because when people are sharing things with their friendsThey want to share like really amazing things. Okay because they want to they themselves they want to look goodThey dont want to share like a website which only has like a few hundred words for your contentThey want to share an entire blog post because its amazing. Okay and you want to make sure that you have sub headlines everywhereTo describe each of the main points and you dont want to have huge blocks of text like that if you actually go to hereLike as you can see like the text is very spread out. Its not like you know one huge block of textOkay its very conversationalSo to make it more conversational you want to use the words you knowYou and I so what you can actually do is you can also go to another website which is called I thinkSmarter vlogger I believe I think is by John morrowOkay and hell tell you how to you know right a really good blog postOkay because Im not the expert in writing a blog post. I just know how to optimize it properly. Okay?So here this one is really good a really good thing to emulate as you can see they have sections here which they highlightOkay so you dont see like this huge block of text?Okay so you might want to save this and bookmark this to your page as wellAlright so that is pretty much for the SEOOptimization for your blog Im gonna go through the optimization for a ecommerce store right?So what were gonna do first is were gonna have a look at the shop page. So Im gonna click on visit storeOkay. So before Ive actually researched and I wanted to sell you know iPad stands for your bedIPad stands for the point-of-sale the machine thing and also the car mounts okaySo Ive gathered some images and I put in someTitles here right? So this is my shop pageOkay so this can be a category page or your product page but you do want to still optimize itOkaySo you want to make sure?that if this is your targeting phone and tablet accessories you want to make sure that this keyword here isSet to the h1 tag. Okay and you do want to include a little description here. Im not quite surewhich builds are you guys actually using but Im using themify builder and when you actually turn the build on you can actuallyEdit it quite easily by dragging in each of the modulesif you do want to learn how to build a website Ill also have a link down below and then you canUse this builder as well so you can double click on thatSo you want to make sure this one is set to heading one and you want to make sure that you have you knowlike a 300 word descriptionEither on top here or on the bottom here okaySo for example a really good example is this website here the iconic and Ill show you quicklySo Im gonna close that and if we actually click into thatThen they have their heading one tag here which is mens bags. You can inspect thatThats heading oneOkay and if you actually scroll down below all this products here they have a description hereOkay so they have maybe a three to four hundred word description and theyll also link to other pages as wellSo this is really good internal linking structure as well as adding some content hereSo Google knows sort of what this page is about. Okay so thats what you want to do hereYou want to add some text here?So lets say we actually click into the product as well. So Im going to show you how to optimize the products. Okay andEverything like that. So you want to click on edit product? So for this one Im targeting iPad stand for bed. Okayso you want to make sure thats in the title section and you also want to make sure thatIts in the permalink here as well. Okay doesnt have to be exactSo for example Ive got iPad stand for beds or something like that. I just got iPad stand bedokay and here is your long description normally andwhat you want to do is before when were actually researching for thekeywords ecommerce keywords weve actually found some keywords which wereSort of related. Okay soHere weve found keywords for like for example you got holder youve gotYou know watching movies in bed iPad holder for bed or so far. So people are looking for iPad stands for this reason right?So you want to include that within your content because thats what people want to have that product actually solve that problemOkay of you know they want dont want to hold their iPad all the timeThey want to have itYou know in a stand so they can watch it in bed with their partner or by themselves or whateverOkayso what you can actually do is you can actually include that in the in the content here andLets say the perfect iPad stand for work Shing movies and reading rateI dont have to have the exact thing key word hereBut you can actually set this to the hanging to tag or something like thatOkay and then you can use you know different keywords within the content for example so farBathroom people might want to have might be searching iPad stands for table. So Ive included that in the content as well alsoyou want to include any of the you know main features as well andAlso people also searching for iPad stands in AustraliaSo you might include something about how its manufactured in Australia or its an Australian company or something like that within the contentThen you want to make sure you select the category. So Ive set it to iPad stands and mountsHere you can include some tags which is maybe the brand name or the sizeHere you want to add in a product image? And again Ive actually named that imageOkay iPad bed number two and then for the alt text Ive just named it girl using iPad mount in bedOkay so you know people are also searching for iPad mounts. So I do want to include someKeyword with mount in it as well right thenWe scroll down here to the yo section and here you can put in your focus keywordand then what you want to do is click on edit snippet andThen you can put in your SEO title iPad stand for bed. AndThen since youre selling you know phone and tablet accessories for your websitethen I put that there and then I put maybe the brand name of theWebsite okaySo here for the Meta Description you want to sort of include the keywords relevant keywords like for example moviesYou know people want to read books and stuff like thatYou also want to add maybe something about your free shipping and you also want to have a call to actionSo some really good examples is you can go to you knowleather bagsYou can look at people who are any competitionFor example here shot follow the bags online at the iconic. Get someInspiration from you know the top websites within your industry of how they actually do itOkay. So for example you might also do you know online as well or by within the title as well?Because thats what people are searching for. Alright so maybe iPad standsacessories onlineMaybe you could doBuy as wellSo thats going to help you rank for keywords if people actually searching for buy ipad stands for bedOkay so I might that add that into my title as wellIve done that for my marriage caption. So it doesnt have to be you know a hundred percent everythingOkay but you want to try your best. Ive also included additional images which Ive updated the alt tags and everything like thatScrolling down here follow all theimprovements necessaryAnd also the problems or whatever you need to do as you can seeYou probably want to add some more information hereYou want to add some images as well or some videos here is your short description?So Ive included the keyword in here as wellBut I didnt include like exactly so I did like this is a newly designed iPad stand which can be used in bedYou dont have to do it all the time exact. Okay even though it might say here andYou might you know you dont really need to add you know outbound links or anything like thatBut you can add some internal links if you want toBecause it is a product page. You dont really link to a competitors website right so you dont really need to do thatAnd then you can hit on update and we can view that pageSo lets view that pageOkay just like thatthats pretty good andThen what you can actually do is once you actually hover on top hereYoull see that the title is changed to by iPad stand for bed phone and tablet accessories onlineAlright and what you want to do is you also want to optimize the category pages as wellSo Ill show you where its actually edit that for your website. So this is my category. My category is iPad stands and mountsWhat you want to do is to edit that you can go to hereclick on products and here you can click on categories soNormally for a category page you you wont be able to edit that with your builderYou can edit it here though. So you can click on edit for that categoryScroll down and here you can add your descriptionOkay so for the category page Im targeting iPad stands and mountsSo Im sort of targeting two keywords. Okay because these ones are sort of really similar right stands and mountsSo Im gonna target them both. So if you actually search for lets do I pad stance into GoogleYoull see that some have stands and mounts as well. Right Ive had casein standStands and holders. Okay. So its its fine if you target both of them like that add a short description here okayThis is where you do it you want to set this one to the heading one tag?alright andThen you can add some keywords in there and maybe you can link out toSeveral of your pages. Okay your internal pagesSo Ive pretty much done it for these other products as wellIve had standard for point of sale and that is pretty much how you sort of optimizeFor your ecommerce store? Okay. So if youre using any otheryou know ecommerce platform like Shopify the formula ofOptimization is pretty much the same you want to have you know your title optimized your URL your Meta DescriptionYour h1 tag and within the content yourselfitself and also images you want to have the alt tags and also the file names you do want to have someInternal links or external links especially if its like a blog post or something like thatbut if its like a product pageYou dont really need to you can just link internally and you can take a look at you knowWhat other pages are doing within your industry as well?so what Im gonna walk through now isBasically where to find you know backlinks for your websiteokay so in this section of the videoIll be talking about off page SEO which is basically getting backlinks to your websiteSo backlinks are essentiallyYou know links that will point to your websiteSo for example if I go to travel blogs I do a Google search I click on the first resultso on this blog postTheyll have a link to these different blogs okay?So this is what we call a backlink now the more backlinks that you have normally the higher your rankAssuming that you get backlinks from quality and also relevant domains right?so this is I think maybe aI think aExpedition nurse or maybe a blog about travel? Okay and its linking to another travel blog. So its quite relevantOkay so you dont want you know if if youre a local business about carpet cleaning?You dont want a website which talks about you know dog training or something like that. You want a website maybe from a local directory?you want a website that maybe talks about homes how to renovate homes or likeMaybe lets say a real estate website or something like that. You want something that is relevant. OkaySo Im gonna show you the easiest way to get backlinks. So I think you guys should have the SEMRush7-day trial so hopefully you guys can still use that. Lets just say for a local businessWere gonna do carpet cleaning as an example. Just type that into Google andWere gonna get the competitors backlinksRight. So this is the top ten resultsAnd what you can do is you can open some of the links in new tabs just like thatOkay and were gonna try and get linksThat our competitors have gotten okay so were gonna copy the URL and were gonna go back here. Were gonna go todomain analyticsClick on backlinks. And what you want to do is paste in the URL into here. Okay. Im gonna delete everything exceptThe name plus the comm that I you and then click on check itSo here is the total amount of backlinks1100 the unique domains. So the unique websites are only about a hundred so that means that theyve gotlinks from about hundred unique web sites butThey might have links on several pages of that unique domainSo thats why theyve got more backlinks then the referring domains and if youre a local websiteYou do want to actually get you know most of your links fromAustralia but sometimes you cant help it. So this is the backlink profile andYoull see that there is a follow link and a nofollow that type of link okaySo normally you do want to have more follow linksthe reason why you want follow links is because Google will actually pass the link juice forThat website to your website. So no further links. They dont pass any link juice. Okay so you do want aVariation though. Okay because you want everything to be natural. So I think maybe 80/20 should be okayso if we scroll down here youll see top anchors now anchors areIt means the anchor text right? So to show you guys an exampleLets say for example here. It says one mile at a time. That is the anchor text. Okay andIf you actually hover over it on the bottom left that is the URL that its thinking to okaySo normally you want the anchor text to be the keyword that youre targetingSo lets just say youre targeting carpet cleaning in MelbourneThen you want some of the anchor text to say carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Okay but you do want to keep everything naturalOkay so most of the time you might have just the URL itselflink you know click here website and then you might have a few which is like carpet cleaning melbourne carpet cleaning services youdont want too much of that because youdont want to over optimize it so to check the actual links you can actually go and click on the backlinks tab up here andYou can scroll down and you can filter it by follow and no followLets just click on follow and what you can do is you can see the PS here this stands for the page scoreOkay so obviously if your higher the better and this is the trust score okay the higher the better as wellSo lets click on the first result here right? So if you click on this little arrow thing itll take you to this website hereOkay so as you can see the website name is fine to local. So this looks like a local directoryOkay so if youre a local business then you probably want to registerokay so normally its free to register just fill in your details andregister and then you can put in your name of your business the address your phone number and also email and also aURL to your website including you know maybe an overview of what you actually doOkaySo you want to have a lot of local directory websites?And I find that if you have a few of those your pages will start rain KingOkaySo this is probably the most easiest type of link that you can get because you dont need any sort ofApproval for it and you can go through all the links here. So lets just click on the next one here andHave a look. Okay so Im going to have a look at the few of these andIm also going to have a look atElectro dry comdata you so Im going to have a look at this domain here as well. So Im going to copy that andThen Im gonna open a SM Rush in a new tabSo Im gonna show you some more examples of what type of links that you can actually getSo its really easy. Click on domain analytics backlinks againNormally for a local website. Its a lot easier to rank click on check itso you know with a few backlinks youll see that your websites will start ranking right with like e-commerce stores andBlog websites they do require more links and you need to put in more effortOkay so if we actually click on backlinks here and we scroll downOkay. So this ones a nofollow link but you cant get some of these you do want to have not too many external linksOkay normally the more external links it has then the more spammy that page is okaySo you probably dont want to go anywhere above 100 the lower the betterAnd it also depends onWhat type of page so you want to do want to have a look at it manually?So this here it looks like a a blog pageOkay so its talking about how to make dirty grout look new. Okay if you actually scroll down hereYoull actually see some blog commentsOkay so if we actually look back here youll see that the anchor text they used is Gloria. You can copy that to your clipboardcontrol fine pasteOkay so as you can seeThey left a backlink here and on the bottom left. It links to carpet cleaning will long gongOkay if you click onto that then it will link to this page here. Okay?so what you can do is you can scroll back up andSimply leave a blog comments. You want to leave your name? You probably dont want to call it you know car backmelbourne or something like that because it looks kind of spammy andThe author here might not approve itSo you do want to read the article and see whats you know value you can add to itRather than just having you know great or something like that because it looks like spamAlright so this is another way to get some links if you actually go back and go back to this one hereYou can look through all these websites for example potter calmThis is I think a anotherDirectory link okay that you can sign up for you can look through and some of these are guest postSo lets look through this one hereTo find a guest post. I want to see if we can find one hopefullyScroll down lets see maybe this oneLets click on the follow. Okay. So this one here isThey have also gotten links from shop a docket. So this one is a local deal website. So not only can youLook at where the link come from. You can also look at you know their marketing strategy overallOkay. So for me Ive also done for example for a local smash repair shopwe did like offer a sort of a I think I was like a unit university organization acoupon code for their students or their members to get a discount for you know servicing their car andWhen youre actually providing you know value to thatYou know that that that group there you can easily get a link from their websiteOkay so thats another way you can look at itYou dont really you have to be sort of creative of how you get links because you can get linksYou know any way that you want you just have to approach itasYou knowYou want to find what value can you give that owner?And then you can deliver that value and you can get a link back. For example this one herethis one is a I think a blog type of web site or amaybe aDirectory website for properties and as you can see theyve got a guest post hereSo theyve written a guest post which is about maybe 500 or 600 wordsTheyve included some images and also a link back to the website. Okay. So this one here it says best carpet cleaning in AdelaideSo this is the anchor text. Okay so its quite targeted which is good andThis is a quite a short blog post. So what you can do is you can write a much more thorough blog post andYou can contact them and ask them. You know what can we write for your blog?Okay you want to look at their blog to see if you know theyre still active and you want to determine you knowWhat audience they have and what blog post can you write that suits their audience right?You dont want to write anything random just like carpet cleaning or something like that. You want to be a lot more relevant?As you can see here Susie CallahanOkay so theres no reason why I cant get a guest post from this website here and the more links that you have the higherYoure gonna rank. Okay so you can do this for all your top ten competitors on Google search andbuild your linksSo I also want to show you another method and this method is actually trying to find broken linksSo broken links are basically pages which are not live anymoreSo sometimes a blog might be linking to a page which might not be alive for example that ownerhas forgotten to renew his domain or he might have shut down his business and website andThat blog is actually still linking to them. Okay?So for example if youre a travel blog then I would do maybe a you would do travel. Okay if youre in maybe the finance niche or anything like thatyou might type in finance click on plus I mean type in plus apostrophes andDo resource page so we want to try and findaTravel blogs resource page. Alright and what you want to do is you want to click on a few of these?to check because most of the time they should be actuallyaliveThe links but sometimes you can actually find websites which have quite a lot of broken linksRight. What you actually want to do is download the Chrome extension called check my links andInstall it and make sureIts actually activated here and then you can click on it. Okay so Im gonna click on it for all of these websitesSo its gonna run here and check the linksOkay so this one here is I think atravel blog about PeruOkay so its scanned the whole entire website to find whether or not okay all these links herePointing to an actual page or are they pointing to a era four four page which will give an invalid link right?So these are all valid so Im gonna close the tab hereSo with this website youll actually see 31 invalid links right? So they have some broken linksSo what you want to consider now is alright. Is this blog appropriate?For your own blog right? Do you actually want to link from this website here?so if its actually like a travel website and youre a travel blog andIf you actually look hereor you might be ainsurance company or anything like that then what you could do is you could email them and sayOkay this link is not live anymore. Do you actually want to link to me because youre actually a travelYou know insurance company as wellAnd most likely they will actually accept that and change that linkso the basic concept here is the website is like a house and broken links are sort of likeLike leaking holes right and its like leaking waterOkay and you found that for them and youve actually found the piece of a puzzle where they can just you knowPlug it back and stop that leakingAll right. So so most of the time theyll actually change that for you for this one hereit seems like you know these websites are working but I think theyre actually trying to link toTheir own domain so Im gonna actually close that oneHere youve got one invalid link. Okay so as you can see here hes talking about visas andThat you can actually go to this resource here to get an overview ofSort of when you actually need a visa I get when youre traveling soperhaps on your travel blog you could create aInfographic or a blog post about you know which visas you need to getOkay and then you could contact so then you can contact Jamesvia email andSay that you have this resource you know visa mapper is actually down. So when I actually see if its actually workingOkay so as you can see its not working anymoreSo you could email him and say that you have a better resource that perhaps he can link to rightWere going to close that and we wont have a look at these other onesOkay so this one has 69 invalid links right sirIm not quite sure about these ones here but I want to look through here. Alright so this one here is invalidSo this is a IndianCar hire companyAlright so this ones not foundYou know if youre a car hire company then perhaps you can email them and you know say that this link is brokenWould they consider linking to you instead? Right just go downSo this ones talking about Barcelona. This ones talking about Cambodiainternational travel insuranceSo yeahYou could have actually looked through it does take some time because you want to find a relevant linkSo Im gonna leave it at that for now with the link building. Its best to get started firstI dont want to overwhelm you guys with too much informationwhat Im gonna show you now is theanalysis process of SEO so Im gonna show you how toTrack your keywords and see what theyre ranking for connected to Google Analyticswhich is really really important for your website because then you actually know okay what people are doing on your website andYou can see you knowThe bounce rate and things like that so you can see whether or not people like your page or not and then you could changeIt change the wording change the images update it and stuff like that. OkayOkay so if you actually want to track your rankings for your keywords for your actual domain name?you can go back to your seminar andThen you can click on projects here. Alright so were gonna look for position tracking you can click on thatAndThen you can enter in the domain name that you want to track. Alright so I entered my website click on setup andHere you can put in your business name if you wantventureclick on device and locationso I want to set it up to track on desktop and on Google and then Im gonnaSelect the country. I might select actually just United States andIm not gonna select any region you can if you want to especially if you are a local websiteAlright so if youre a local you know copper cleaning web site then you probably want to selectLets say youre in Melbourne. You want to select Australia and then for the state you want to select Victoria and in Nobin ok?And then you can click on competitorsHere you can actually enter in your competitors domain. Okay so Im gonna leave that empty for nowIm gonna click on keywordsSo for the keywords here then I might type in you know Hogan sure Ill something like thatOk so type in the keywords that you actually want to trackAndThen click on add to project. Ok. So these are the keywords andThen you can tick send me weekly updates if you want updates from SEMRush and then click on start trackingSo Im going to deselect that and click on thatSo thats going to start tracking your keywords if you dont want to use SEMRush I also actually useAnother software called cert book and Ill leave the link down in the description below. Soright now Im gonna show you how toactuallyConnect your WordPress website with Google AnalyticsIn your Google browser what you want to do is type in Google Analytics andthen you want to cook andThen you want to click on the first result. Okay so this Google marketing platform. I think they recently changed it renamed itsorry and click into that andThen you can click sign into Google marketing platform. Okay so make sure that you actually sign in using yourGoogle account andhere click on analytics setup andThats going to take you to your analytics page right?So you might actually need to set it up fill in some basic information. But generally what youll need to do is Youll need to find the admin tab here. Okay so were gonna add in our website andHere you need to click on create an account. So create account andWhat you want to do is you want to set up a website name. So IAm actually just gonna copy this URL hereandThen come back here and paste that in as my website name. Okay so you can name it whatever you wantYour local website name or your brand and then you want to put in your website URL? Okay. You want to remove theHTTP and the front? Okay and make sure just select it there onlyOkay for the category you can type in I thinkLets just doBusiness if we can find it. Okay for the reporting time zone. Im gonna set it to Australia but you have to set it toyour countryset it to Melbourne andHere were gonna leave everything as is and then were gonna click on get tracking IDokay here Im gonna select Australia as well andthen Im gonna accept the terms and servers here andAlso here and I acceptAlright so once that is done that has been created. Okay so when thats actually created you will need to go back to yourWordpress website and we need to download a plugin. So click on plugins hereAndThen what you need to do is click on add newAndHere what you can search for is googleAnalytics okaySo what we want to do is want to install google analytics dashboard for WPOkay it should be by exact metrics and were gonna click on Install NowAndClick on activateAnd then what you want to do is you want to look for Google Analytics on the left hand hereYou can click on general settingsandWe want to authorize this pluginBy clicking on that andHere well want to click on get access code. Okay so make sure youve actually added in your website URL here andClick on get access codeOkay select the websiteSelect your emailClick on allow andThis is the code that you want to copy paste it into here and save access codeOkay so that isSo that will be selected normally your website and then Im going to click on lock selection andThen what you can do is click on Save Changes andI think I want to click on the tracking code here andWhat I want to do is I want to look for exclude tracking tab here andI want to exclude tracking for the administratorSo basically when youre actually accessing that website its not gonna trackYou know how many visits or how many pages you actually visit and things like thatIm actually gonna selectOk everything except the customer and then click on Save Changes andThat is pretty much itAnd then when you actually click on dashboardyoull actually see theDashboard here where it can give you an actual overview of how many people are visiting your websiteHow many users are visiting your website how many pages in total youre getting every day or?you know last 14 or 17 days and also the bounce rate as well the bounce rate basically meansWhat is the percentage of people who just you know view one page and then click off your websiteOk so the lower the bounce rate the betterIf you actually go to your Google Analytics account you can then I think you can click on the search thing here click on homeandHere its gonna actually show you theWebsite data in more detail. Ok so you can click on audience andAll these different information so Im not gonna go through this because this can be a whole nother videoso what were gonna go through now isSome tips to actually increase your rankingSo I was going to create a whole section on giving you the tips best SEO tips to increase your rankingsbut Bryan Dean from backlink accom hasBasically covered that in his 15 all-time best SEO tips video which Ill link down in the description belowThis is really goodBut some of the things that hes referring to weve already covered thatBut theres also some bonus information there which I think is really useful and on his channelTheres also a lot of stuff related to getting traffic and SEO as well. And what I recommend is checking out Neil PatelHis videos also cover you know getting trafficSEOConversions just all-round marketing and things like that and also checking out smarter bloggers if you areLearning how to blog. All right. So personally what I do recommend is most people are probably on you knowa basic web hosting plan with their web hostwhat I recommend is to actually move to cloud hosting orWordPress hosting so its a lot fasterIf you actually move up to those services you could say web hosting is a good place to startIts sort of like a Toyota but like cloud hosting is like one step further. Its like a BMWOkay so you probably dont really need a dedicated server which is like a FerrariYet because youre probably not getting that much traffic yet. But if you actually do then thats what I recommend as wellSo a faster website will mean a greater user experience for your customers and visitorsI personally also use a service called max CDNSo this is a content delivery network and it basically helpsDeliver the websites content to the actual user fasterOkay and so lets say I have a website in Australia then Ill actually need to purchase a zone inAustralia we want to get more locations. Okay so its actually$15 a month. Okay soThis will basically help deliver the content to my Australian customers a lot quicker but it is 15 dollars a monthOkay because increasing the speed is gonna help with the user experience want people you knowCheck out your site on their mobile or desktop. It loads really quickly and thats gonna improve your ranking over time okay

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