Windows 32 Bit vs 64 Bit: What's the Difference (And 64 Bit Software too) VS (And 32 Bit Software too)

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Windows 32 Bit vs 64 Bit: What's the Difference (And 64 Bit Software too) VS (And 32 Bit Software too)

Hows it going guys I am Wajahat Ch and todays topic is gonna be 32-bit vs. 64-bit whether its Windows or programs you are running on Windows or even any other operating system What are the differences between these should you use one of the other are there advantages and disadvantages to both?So lets get over that now the first thing to understand is that when it comes to talking about a CPU the 32-bit vs.64 bit distinction has to do with the Register of the CPU which is basically how much data it can queue up to process at once 64-bit can process a lot more information and take a lot more information from the RAM to do stuff with than a 32-bit CPU or operating system can do but one important thing to also know is that every single bit is not directly proportional so its not like 64-bit can handle twice as much information or twice as much RAM. In fact Its exponential so a 32 gigabyte operating system can only handle four gigabytes of RAM maximum and that also means that each individual program in Windows typically was limited to only two gigabytes of RAM for each program whereas if its 64-bit the theoretical maximum for how much RAM you could use is literally over sixteen point seven million tera bytes and also that two gigabyte limit is gone with 64-bit and Windows allows you to assign literally terabytes to any individual program So theres really no limit to the amount of RAM you are gonna ever use Even in the foreseeable future so that is one main advantage that most people can recognize and appreciate Because even if you dont know much about computers You probably know what Ram is and that more is better and if theres a four gigabyte limitI mean thats how much we have in our smart phones these days Thats nothing so you want a lot more than that but in addition to that because the register is wider It means it can not only use more RAM totalBut its also gonna be able to use that RAM more Efficiently so even if you did still only have four gigabytes of RAM Then it would still be able to use that Ram a lot better so its going to be faster in two aspects so that has to do with the physical arc texture of the CPU you can have 64-bit processors which are pretty much all in these days versus the old 32-bitbut just because a CPU is 64-bit you can also install a32-bit operating system on that its not Exclusive I do not you would not really want to do thatBut you can if you have to and you can also obviously install a 64-bit operating system Which is probably what youre using if youve installed Windows in the past few years and one advantage in 64-bit versions of Windows at least over 32-bit is it does have a lot more security features So I dont know if this was impossible to do on 32-bitor if they just decided to enforce it with 64-bit because Driver manufacturers would have to be rewriting drivers for 64-bit anywaySo they may as well force them to do this stuff along the way But regardless there are improvements with 64-bit so this includes for example drivers signature enforcement so if a Manufacturer wants to write a driver for their device to work with any computer then they have to sign that driverWhich wasnt necessarily required before so Windows basically says all right since youre gonna have to be writing 64-bit processorsThey all have to be signed.

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Were not gonna let anyDrivers there were 64-bit onto this computer unless it is signed so that means that its a lot harder for malware toGet on to the computer because if its not correctly signed by a legit manufacturer then somehow that malwareWould have to bypass that and windows recognizewait a minute this isnt from a real manufacturer and probably block it also a64-bit version of Windows has what is called patch guard which basically prevents programs and drivers fromPatching or modifying the kernel which is basically the core of the operating systemYou dont really want programs to be able to do that so thats one major advantage of windows 64-bit and then finally another advantage is hard ware data execution prevention Which is a fancy way of saying that the operating system can block malicious programs from?Modifying Ram data that its not supposed to be able to do and stop things from executing That is not meant to be and kind of as I said before pretty much all installations of Windows these days are gonna still be64-bit they do give you the option to choose 32-bitBut you would not really want to do that for reasons what we can get to in a bitbut if you do want to check that just to be sure you can check in the system properties of Windows and look it should say either 32-bit or 64-bitNow even though I did say that theres pretty much unlimited amount of RAM that you can have with the 64- bit processor Windows does implement limitations that are software limitationsAnd it does depend on which version of Windows you have so this might be interesting to some of you so when it comes to Windows 7 you might not have known this But if you have the home version of Windows 7 you can only have up to 16 gigabytes of RAM Theres a limit on that and if you have the pro version though You can have up to 192 gigabytes and this is just a software limitation. Its not a physical limitation Thats impossible though when it comes to Windows 10 Theres not really any realistic limit that anyone should worry about Windows 10 home for example has 128 gigabyte limit so I dont know anyone who has 128 giga bytesI dont even know if you could fit that in if you wanted unless it was a serveralthough if you do have the pro version of Windows 10 or enterprise or education then you can have 2 terabytes plus soMost people I dont think are gonna have to worry about Ramlimitations on Windows 10 you can just stick as much as you want in there now if you do happen to be installing Windows any time soon And you have the choice between32-bit and 64-bit You definitely want to go for 64-bit there used to be issues withManufacturers not having drivers and sometimes a lot of programs wouldnt work yet to wait for itBut now that pretty much everyone has that all manufacturers are making64-bit driversso you dont have to worry about that youre not gonna have any issues though one thing you should keep in mind is when youupgrade windows not necessarily a clean installtypically windows will keep the same versionthrough that upgrade so if you have a 32-bit version of Windows and you do an upgrade its going to give you a32-bit version of the next edition of Windows so if youve been upgrading Windows Since Windows XP or something where you have 32-bit you might want to check you might still have windows 32-bit Cuz you never did a clean install and if that is the caseThen you will have to do a clean installWhich its kind of a pain in the neck you have to do a reformat typically so thats annoying But you will get some benefit if you have more than four gigabytes of RAM if you dont then its not really necessaryBut you still might want to you might be wondering well are there any disadvantagesTo running 64-bit windows or programs and the answer is kind of I guessBut its only in the sense of compatibility because if youre running 64-bit Windows then you might be Using a really old device that doesnt have 64-bit drivers and in that case it if you need that device its absolutely necessary for your livelihood or something then it would not make sense to upgrade obviously because you would not be able to use it and another disadvantage is if you have 64-bit then you might not be able to run 16-bit programs on Windows 64-bit it can run 32-bit programs fine but not that far back But I dont even know any examples of 16-bit programs that anyone would need if youre using like ancient Software again that could be a reason to stick to 32-bit But I dont think thats going to be for many people so we talked about a 64-bit processor 64-bit operating system and of course you probably know that there are 32-bit and 64-bitprograms that run on these operating systems and some of you might be thinking now wait a minute if64-bit is so great then why are there so many32-bit programs still around and that is the case like if you didnt notice when you go into Windows on a 64-bit versionThen there will be two folders for Program Files.

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 Theres going to be Program Files this nothing on the extensionThats 64-bit programs and then theres another one that will be called Program Files x86Which is where all the 32-bit programs go and obviously this does mean that you can run a 32-bit program on windows 64-bitNo problemMicrosoft was sure to make sure that there would be no issues because pretty much all programs were written in 32And it would not be very good if everyones programJust didnt work anymore so realistically running a 32-bit program versus a 64-bit programyoure probably not going to notice any difference the difference would be that a32-bit program can only use up to four gigabytes of RAM whereas the64-bit could use as much as you need so the reason there are still so many32-bit programs is a lot of developersThey might say look my program is very small it definitely doesnt need four gigabytes of RAMSo I may as well just write it in 32-bit and then itll work on everyones computers 32-bit or 64-bitRather than writing two separate programs that no ones gonna know the difference. They have to compile it separately there might be changes They have to make in the code and its like its not worth the hassleTheres not going to be any difference so they just write it in 32-bit and are done with itHowever in general if you do have the choice it Probably is better to install the 64 bit version of the program and might run a little bit more efficient Especially if it does need more than 4 gigabytes of RAMThen you definitely want to run it obviously if you can take advantage of it and also you do get a little bit more ofthose security features that we talked about before so it all integrate better with that patch protection andItll just run better in general if you do have the choice you may as well run the 64 bit programBut a lot of times it might not be obvious where to download this they might just have you download the page by default to 32-bit and they kind of make you search for the 64 bit version butI mean if you really look for it usually most programs these days do have about 64 bit programs so yeahI guess theres not much more to say about it the conclusion is what I just said if you have the choice go with 64-bitUnless you have something Super Duper old that wont work otherwise if you guys have any ideas of your own some thing I forgot to talk about you can let me know down in the comments 

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